Successful applicants will serve on selection panels and be expected to visit Rome to lecture or lead a site visit


Source: Luana Rigolli

The BSR’s Edwin Lutyens-designed building in Rome

The British School at Rome is seeking applications for membership positions within its Faculty of Architecture, with two vacancies currently available.

The first vacancy is for an architect in practice, requiring applicants to possess an established reputation and the capacity to support the BSR in developing its professional network.

The second vacancy is designated for a member based in the Commonwealth. This member may either be an architect in practice or have an academic, research, or curatorial background. Applicants are expected to have a strong reputation within their respective fields, an understanding of contemporary practice issues, and an interest in promoting awareness of the BSR and its initiatives.

The term of office for selected candidates typically spans five years. Applications should be made by 13 May 2024.

Meanwhile, the school’s 2024 scholarship for architecture has been awarded to Mojan Kavosh.


Mojan Kavosh

Originally from Tehran and raised in the UK from the age of ten, Kavosh completed her architecture studies at the University of Newcastle before earning her MArch at Central St. Martins, University of the Arts London, in 2020. She has been residing in Berlin, Germany, since 2021.

The Rome Scholarship in Architecture is granted to a young architect from the UK or the Commonwealth displaying exceptional potential in their academic or early professional pursuits.

The recipient embarks on a three-month residency at the BSR, engaging in self-directed research which may encompass architectural projects, theoretical inquiries, historical explorations, or a combination thereof.

Kavosh’s proposed focus for her scholarship is ‘Terrafirma: surveying was art before the advent of digital cartography and the paradigm shift in map making’.

The British School at Rome functions as an interdisciplinary, residential research hub supporting diverse fields such as arts, humanities, and social sciences.

During their tenure, scholars like Kavosh have access to the comprehensive research resources housed in the BSR Library and Archive, facilitating intellectual and social exchange integral to the BSR community.

Primary duties of BSR members are to:

• select the recipients of BSR architecture awards;

• provide a forum for advice to both the Council in the formulation of policy and the Director of the BSR in carrying it out;

• provide an academic/practice forum to support the work of the BSR;

• consider the Director’s proposals for BSR Research Fellows; and

• provide critical appraisal of the architectural awards in terms of their present and future status.

Members of the Faculty are expected to:

• serve on the selection and interview panels for award-holders in the activities represented by the Faculty;

• attend at least two meetings per year (normally in March and November) on a date and place to be appointed by the Chair. These meetings are usually virtual, although may occasionally be hybrid. The meeting in November will be jointly held between the Faculty of Archaeology, History and Letters, the Faculty of the Fine Arts and the Faculty of Architecture;

• engage in discussions to develop the work of the Faculty and the BSR through committees and projects;

• make a Faculty visit to the BSR in Rome once during their term of office. This will be two–three nights in order to talk to award-holders about their work, give a talk and/or organise a

visit to a site in Rome or its environs. The costs of travel, board and lodging at the BSR will be covered; and

• promote the work and activities of the Faculty within the BSR, their own institutions, other organisations and to the wider public.