Much like Jonathan Glancey (March 5) I was shocked when made aware of the proposals to partly transform the RIBA into a “wedding venue” (News February 26)

The question of how to raise funds for RIBA activities, other than through membership fees, is a question that is maybe best posed to those very members. Intelligent, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial in their approach to business, the architects of today constantly find new and exciting ways to expand their practice without compromising the architecture. It would appear that the RIBA is lacking in such a gift. Instead of promoting architecture we are faced with wedding bells, white dresses and confetti.

On such occasions will the bookshop also be unveiled as a last minute present purchasing gift shop? I hope not. While I appreciate that the RIBA is playing to its strengths in the events and catering teams, it has also exposed the very weakness that some of its members find a disap-pointment on a regular basis.

I am a firm believer that the RIBA can deliver on its remit. Perhaps it should follow precedent recently set by the BBC, in its apparent challenge to tackle “spreading itself too thin”. Concentrate on the architecture and the rewards will soon start appearing.

Let the people (and possibly architects) get married somewhere else.

Katie Wilmot, Reading

Letters to the Editor - 12 March 2010