Marley Eternit have developed a suite of CPD’s

 At times roofing and cladding specification can be complex and heavy going. That’s why we are on hand to offer practical, experienced support in a host of useful ways.

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Marley Eternit CPD’s have been accredited by the RIBA CPD Certification Service as providing a valuable contribution to the Continuous Professional Development of construction professionals.

Playing by the regulations for roofing


  • An understanding of how the Building Regulations affect roofing
  • How roofing products can help achieve higher Green guide ratings to comply with The Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM
  • How roofing products are influenced by British Standards and other legislation
  • The key ways in which roofing systems can help meet all of the above regulations and guidance and the pitfalls to avoid

The Roof and our Environment


The key learning objectives of The Roof and our Environment seminar are to provide:

  • An understanding of roofing product sustainability and how, in use, products and systems can contribute to sustainability
  • How sustainable practices in manufacture and operations are part of the sustainability story of roofing products
  • How the roof can become an active platform for forms of renewable energy, water conservation, pollution and temperature control

The principles and design of rainscreen cladding


The key objectives of The Principles and Design of Rainscreen Cladding seminar are to provide:

  • An understanding of how to makes the correct design and specification decisions when choosing rainscreen cladding systems
  • The concept of fibre cement rainscreen cladding
  • An overview of fixing systems and some of the typical details used in these systems
  • An understanding of the materials that can be used for the outer leaf of the rainscreen cladding system

Specifying fibre cement profiled sheeting


The key objectives of the Specifying Fibre Cement Profiled Sheeting seminar are to provide:

  • Covers design considerations, installation systems and performance properties of fibre cement profiled sheeting
  • An understanding of planning and design issues within the building envelope
  • A brief guide to installation and fittings

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