I have spent much time trying to persuade Scottish architects that the RIBA has the ear of government. Your leader (May 30) suggests this is no longer the case.

Who can be surprised?

The government dissolved the Architects Registration Council for the UK and proposed a free-for-all, and after some astonishment institute membership put pressure on the RIBA and the RIAS, which reluctantly protested at the loss of protection of title. The government then passed the Architects Act and what does the RIBA do? It sets out to curb its powers, if not campaign for its abolition! Who can be surprised if the government doesn’t listen?

Now the RIBA starts a battle with the ACA over copyright of documents — nearly all of whose content was prepared at no charge by members of the RIBA, some of whom are no doubt ACA members.

Who should be surprised that the regions feel the RIBA does not represent them on basic issues and that they are frozen out of any policy decisions of the perceived no-longer-member-led RIBA?