At this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week, Interface brought to life +Positive spaces™. The concept explored the genuine positive effect design can have on our lives, through a series of high profile speakers, interactive workshops, installations and insight into the new Global collections - Global Change™ and Level Set™

At this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week, Interface brought to life +Positive spaces™. The concept explored the genuine positive effect design can have on our lives, through a series of high profile speakers, interactive daily workshops and installations at the Interface showroom. Interface also launched a first-of-its-kind carbon negative carpet tile, Proof Possible, which is made using plant-derived carbon converted into a durable material that stores that element for a generation. An important step in the company’s Climate Take Back™ mission to create a climate fit for life, the new tiles prove that it is possible to make a product with the potential to reverse global warming.

+Positive spaces™ paves the way to better design by helping create inspiring environments that can have a direct impact on the occupants using a space – whether that space is a small reading nook, open-plan office or a sweeping botanical garden. With the expertise of architects and designers, environments can be designed to support the daily changing needs of occupants, creating truly positive spaces that allow people to engage, interact, relax and recuperate.

As part of highlighting the Positive Spaces concept at Clerkenwell Design Week, Interface showcased its first curated luxury vinyl tile collection – Level Set™, and new global collection – Global Change™.

Products for +Positive spaces™

Level Set™

Level Set™ has been created to allow customers to explore new design possibilities and create rich textural experiences across virtually all types of applications. This debut Modular Resilient Flooring offering integrates with Interface’s carpet tiles to create beautiful, functional spaces that blend hard and soft flooring seamlessly.

The collection gives architects, designers and end-user customers a curated set of LVT options that evoke distressed, reclaimed and exposed natural materials. The textures, colours and patterns available in the collection meet customer needs for lighter tones in flooring that provide more light reflection, which is ideal for implementing biophilic design elements into spaces and maximising the benefits of daylight.

Level Set™ embraces Interface’s customers’ interest in flooring that has the look of natural materials with the functionality, durability and affordability of LVT, while ensuring the ability to select a mix of hard and soft flooring from a single partner to create a unified look and feel.

Available in 28 variations of Natural Woodgrains & Stones and Textured Woodgrains & Stones, Level Set™ is complementary to Interface’s carpet tile offerings and consistent with the company’s global design standards. The collection comes in Interface’s standard 25 cm x 1 m Skinny Planks™ and 50 cm x 50 cm squares.

Global Change™

Interface has also introduced Global Change™ – the first global launch from the company’s Lead Product Designer, Kari Pei – developed to help designers create environments that enhance productivity, creativity and well-being.

Global Change is Interface’s most versatile collection to-date, pairing nature-inspired design with Interface’s modular flooring system expertise. The collection offers an integrated range of design options that can be composed to solve a variety of unique business challenges.

The range reflects the human need to seek out nature and bring these qualities to commercial interiors, including corporate office and hospitality environments. Global Change is inspired by shadows on the forest floor and scenic coasts meeting grassy dunes. Biophilic elements and references are also reflected in random patterns and fluid transitions inspired by textures found in nature. Each product within the collection was designed to harmoniously blend into the next, and the collection has the unique ability to adapt as design and tastes evolve.

Global Change is comprised of seven face styles available in six organic colour palettes. Progression™ I, Progression II and Progression III, the collection’s foundational tiles, offer three gradated base textures at three different pile heights. Glazing™ and Shading™ take inspiration from the tree canopy with foliage appearing as positive shapes against striations of texture. These ranges are available as 25cm x 100com Skinny Planks™. Raku™ and Ground™ resemble the cracked appearance of dried earth. Available as 50cm x 50cm carpet tiles, the products can be installed as non-directional and directional squares.

To complement the seven face tiles, the Interface design team developed six earthy, mineral-based colorways for the collection, inspired by global trends: Eclipse, Evening Dusk, Desert Shadow, Fawn, Daylight and Morning Mist.

While impactful as a collection, Global Change was also developed to coordinate with existing and future Interface collections and products, including its newly launched Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) collection, Level Set™. This gives designers, specifiers and end-users ultimate flexibility to create seamless, eye-catching zones and pathways. Because the Interface flooring system is modular, customers can easily and efficiently update or replace the tiles to refresh design.

Collectively, Global Change has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any of Interface’s global collections to-date. The Global Change collection uses recycled content, in line with Interface’s Climate Take Back and its commitment to manufacturing in a sustainable way that has a restorative effect on the environment.

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