Want to keep up to date with breaking news and industry information? Make BD your homepage and you'll stay in the know with updates every time you open your browser.

Read below to find out how.

For Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher you can make BD your homepage in one easy step. Simply click the link below and select 'Use this webpage as your only home page', as shown.

Click here to make BD your homepage in one step

Click Yes. BD will automatically be added as your new homepage.

For Mozilla Firefox

Open up the Tools menu and select Options.

In the Main tab enter into the Home Page box.

To set a different page as your homepage (e.g. BD's breaking news section), you can simply enter or paste in the address to the Home Page box.

You may also want to use the button Use Current Pages, but make sure you only have the relevant tab open. This button will set all open tabs as homepages and open all of them each time Firefox starts.

Click OK.

Your new homepage has now been set and will start each time you open your browser.

For other browsers

All browsers have different ways of wording their settings menus, but generally they're quite similar in structure. Look for a menu called Tools, Edit, Safari, Opera or similar (depending on your browser and operating system). Then look for General, Preferences, Options, Internet Options etc.

In these settings, there should be a box called 'Home Page', 'Home page location' or similar, where you will be able to enter in the URL of the page you want to set as your homepage.

If you're unable to find anything resembling these settings please refer to the Help menu of your browser.