Comments from bdonline on the court order that a developer must rebuild an illegally demolished Erno Goldfinger house (News November 30)

• It’s too late now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Erno fan. But was this really one of his best works? Does it really deserve to be rebuilt just to prove a point? Could the money be better spent? This sounds crazy to me!

Fred, posted November 28

• Put it back. This house is not being rebuilt to prove a point but because a developer, after being turned down by the local planning authority and after an appeal to the planning inspectorate, demolished it after a short wait because it was cheaper than redeveloping the site with the care and attention that a listed building deserves.

Buildings are listed because they are part of the county’s culture and heritage. It doesn’t matter whether you or I believe it was his finest work or not — it was listed and a greedy developer chanced his arm and failed.

As for the money, I understand the court instructed the developer to pay the full legal costs of the prosecution; I believe the developer will also pay for the rebuild.

People need to know that you cannot do what you like to the nation’s heritage with no consequence.

I am very glad this council has stood up to such unlawful action with a firm signal to others.

Kris, posted December 4