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  • Technical

    ‘L’ stands for leakage


    Airtightness could be a much more effective solution to energy efficiency and reducing CO2 than insulation, according to overdue research on meeting Part L.

  • Part of Galleria West’s facade, which is lit by 4,340 glass discs.

    Some light shopping


    Light box meets video installation in the facade of a Seoul shopping centre.

  • News

    Friendly alien


    Italy’s quirky Massimiliano Fuksas is taking on the UK. Damian Arnold meets the man behind the bubbles

  • News

    £70m planning fee hike


    Government proposes fee rises to cover full cost of planning system

  • News

    Row over urban summit


    Housebuilders threaten boycott of Sustainable Plan summit

  • News

    Ellipse axed in face of opposition


    Grimshaw’s proposed £30 million extension of the Royal College of Art has been abandoned amid fears that defending the scheme against opposition will prove too expensive.

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    Four out of five fail on access


    Disability Discrimination Act defied

  • Richard Simmons

    Cabe joins row on university funding


    Cabe has demanded changes to how schools of architecture are funded because it fears that a spate of school closures could lead to a critical shortage of design skills needed to deliver ambitious government housing targets.

  • News

    Nightingale breaks into top three with buy-up


    Nightingale Associates this week became the third-largest architectural firm in the UK after it swallowed up the 53-strong Liverpool-based Derek Hicks & Thew Architects and swelled its ranks to more than 250 staff.

  • News

    Glass cancer hits Foster’s City Hall


    Investigators called in after several panels crack