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  • University of Toronto_Bissell Building_Copyright Alison Brooks Architects

    Alison Brooks Architects wins job to revamp brutalist building at the University of Toronto


    Scheme will deliver new teaching and learning spaces

  • It’s a fleece, Jim but not as we know it.

    It’s a fleece, Jim but not as we know it.


    News Junkie could be forgiven for thinking that Hollywood was scraping the bottom of the barrel of the apocalyptic, alien invasion format, when news reached us of a large fleece being spotted over Vancouver Museum.

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    A shiny shortlist and fast-tracking the registration process in Japan and New Zealand


    If only all competitions made the shortlist public... the entries for the Calgary National Music Centre tell you nearly everything you need to know about the practices on the shortlist.In other news, the UAE struggles to produce innovative architects says a local tutor (not really news, but nice to ...

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    An Obamy urban policy?


    It has finally happened; Obama has remembered that Urban regeneration was a key part of his pre-election policies. You can watch the video of his speech on the White House website, but cynics like News Junkie will want actions rather than words.Elsewhere, Murcutt blames fusty planning officials for lacklustre architecture ...

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    Ennis House hits the market and Dubai is down but not out


    Despite the best efforts of the Ennis House Foundation, Frank Lloyd Wright's house has hit the market and is being sold as a private property for a cool $15 million. Seems that keeping the house in good working order was just too expensive for the Foundation to keep paying out.Also ...

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    Elitism in Australia and Renzo Piano on working through the recession


    Renzo says his studio isn't really feeling the effects of the recession, which is nice for him if a little galling for everyone that is. But that doesn't mean he isn't empathetic. Apparently, after the Pompidou, Renzo got no work for years and he now sees leaner times as an ...

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    New York New York plus Graft's Russian Jewish Museum


    It's a pretty New York heavy news round up today, with more rumblings from Atlantic Yards, the opening of the High Line and New York University's new building proposal.Thom Mayne has been announced as artist in residence for the LA film festival, and SanDiegoans (is that right?) are protesting against ...

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    Boris takes a dip, Australia changes its planning system and Canada gives out some medals


    News Junkie will happily remember this day as The Day That Boris Fell In The River. But local councils in New South Wales, Australia, will remember this day less fondly as the day they lost a large chunk of their planning powers. And some pleased architects in Canada will ...