Architecture CPD

Gain your architecture CPD points with BD by completing CPD modules online. Each module below contains a full technical article followed by a link to a multiple-choice questionnaire. All are fully CPD accredited for architects.

Latest CPD

House Render

CPD 21 2018: Introduction to acoustics


This CPD, sponsored by Isover, will look at the fundamentals of acoustics and how we understand sound, how it is measured and how sound is dealt with in order to comply with relevant aspects of Building Regulations


  • Raynaers logo 300px

    CPD 20 2018: Aluminium curtain walling


    This CPD, sponsored by Reynaers, will offer insight in to what needs to be considered when specifying curtain walling and provide a basic understanding of regulations and standards

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    CPD 19 2018: Glazing


    This CPD, sponsored by Glazing Vision, looks at how rooflights can be installed to maximise light, heat retention in cold weather and ventilation in the summer

  • Benefits of Voice Alarms

    CPD 18 2018: Changing Nature Of Risk – Layering technology for enhanced building occupant safety


    This CPD will outline the sorts of risks different buildings and spaces face and outline a range of potential technologies that could reduce those risks for people going about their daily lives.

  • DSC_0754

    CPD 17 2018: Steel and offsite construction


    Steel has a key role to play in the government’s drive for greater use of offsite construction techniques. This CPD will look at the structural steelwork construction process, with a focus on established offsite processes and practices

  • 20180516-RWNA-PHO-204

    CPD 16 2018: The 'low risk' approach to facades on high-rise buildings


    In the light of recent industry discussions, this CPD, sponsored by Rockwool, will look at what the industry needs to understand in terms of a product’s combustibility rating and how clients, designers and contractors can achieve ‘lower-risk’ options in facades

  • ALB-B 2 _Front_R

    CPD 15 2018: Ventilation


    Ventilation systems in commercial buildings are vital to remove pollutants from the air and control temperature and humidity. This CPD, sponsored by Daikin, looks at how ventilation systems can be used to improve air quality

  • intumescent-reactive

    CPD 14 2018: Intumescent coatings


    Intumescent coatings are often used as fire protection for steelwork in busy public locations. This guide, sponsored by Jotun, looks at how film intumescent products react with heat and flames and how they are applied, along with regulation and certification

  • Fitzroy_Place CMYK

    CPD 13 2018: Daylighting


    Homes and workplaces with a lack of natural light cause a range of problems for occupiers. This CPD, sponsored by Kingspan, looks at how to design and build structures that meet daylight targets

  • Shard-image---used-JCT-Contractweb

    CPD 12 2018: Joint Contracts Tribunal


    Procurement contracts can be complicated to arrange and have many risks attached. This CPD, sponsored by the JCT, is a guide to the different contract options available

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    CPD 11 2018: Virtual desktop infrastructure


    Virtual workspaces simplify the process of adopting BIM Level 2. This CPD, sponsored by Creative ITC, looks at the advantages of visual desktop infrastructure


    CPD 10 2018: Flooring insulation


    This CPD module, sponsored by Dow, will examine a range of factors which need to be considered when addressing ground floor insulation, including construction techniques

  • _DSC7204-LR

    CPD 9 2018: Roof windows – performance, efficiency and aesthetics


    This CPD, sponsored by Keylite, will outline specification issues, as well as guidance relating to installation, technical performance including energy savings, security and ventilation, and safety.

  • DE CLW (2)

    CPD 8 2018: Cradle to Cradle and the circular economy


    This CPD module, sponsored by Armstrong Ceilings, looks at how the construction sector is increasingly embracing the circular economy, as clients demand higher environmental standards and greater efficiencies from a finished product

  • Guggenheim NY-Emseal Colorseal after 24 Years 2017

    CPD 7 2018: Movement joints in buildings and civil engineering structures


    This guide, sponsored by NCC-Emseal, outlines different types of joints, seals and technical issues facing the project team

  • Dulux trade colour of the year 2 lr

    CPD 6 2018: Colour-considered design for the visually impaired


    Our latest CPD, sponsored by Dulux Trade, explores why colour is important when it comes to designing for inclusivity and meeting the requirements of the Equality Act

  • 1 barratt nine elms pic 2 e penthouses 1200x850 nep 10 (1)

    CPD 5 2018: Wetrooms


    Wetrooms are all the rage, but there are myriad technical and regulatory factors to consider. This CPD, sponsored by Impey, provides all the details

  • 000 0034

    CPD 4 2018: Sports hall heating and ventilation


    This CPD, sponsored by Nortek, outlines energy-efficient ways to heat and ventilate sports halls that conform to recent changes in legislation

  • Cellular beams

    CPD 3 2018: Steel and fire protection


    This CPD, sponsored by Steel for Life, provides an overview of the performance of steel in fire, including key standards and fire resistance periods

  • Stoke bus station ssp 01115 (pr pic)

    CPD 2 2018: Aluminium standing seam envelopes


    This CPD module discusses the use of aluminium standing seam roof and wall cladding systems.

  • 101 embankment salford 110

    CPD 1 2018: Curtain wall systems: classification, design and testing


    Getting the curtain walling design right is essential if a building is to remain watertight. This CPD module, sponsored by Kawneer, outlines the main points to consider

  • Photo credit reading tom

    CPD 29 2017: BIM workflow for refurbishment projects


    This CPD, sponsored by Vectorworks, explains how the organisational structure works for using BIM on existing architecture

  • Beckenham 06 print

    CPD 28 2017: Smoke ventilation and rooflights


    This CPD, sponsored by Lamilux, examines the standards, certification and other factors to consider when designing or specifying smoke vents

  • 01 schlueter systems ladenbau knoeppel lr

    CPD 27 2017: Introduction to solid surface


    Solid surface is a man-made material, suitable for a range of interior and exterior applications. This CPD, sponsored by Avonite, outlines the key considerations for designers

  • Sg worcester30 edit

    CPD 26 2017: Airtightness and moisture management


    This CPD, sponsored by Isover, discusses how “smart” membranes can help achieve airtightness and moisture management within buildings