The first-ever rolls of mineral wool insulation to fully fill cavity walls in houses have been launched by leading independent manufacturer Superglass

Superwall Roll 36, so named because of its lambda performance of 36 (0.036W/mK), is truly unique to the market – due to the width of its two production lines, Superglass is the only UK manufacturer capable of producing it in three 455mm widths in one roll.

The pioneering product is expected to prove popular with specifiers for a myriad of reasons, not least its cost-effectiveness.

They will be keen that it is BBA-approved and possesses excellent green credentials. Manufactured almost entirely (84%) from recycled glass bottles, it is CFC and HCFC free, has zero ODP and GWP, and is BRE Green Guide rated to A+.

It also performs well acoustically, reducing flanking noise through the masonry cavity, as well as reducing the risk of Part L under-performance by thermal bridging - the new rolls reduce the number of joins required and therefore potential gaps caused during installation.