An insight into latest guidance relevant to inverted roof systems has been released by JPA Technical Literature Ltd to aid designers, specifiers and installers in their decision making

The summary – which has been made available at by insulation manufacturer Dow Building Solutions – provides highlights of three key documents relevant to inverted roof design in one, easy to use guide:

·        European Technical Approval Guidance 031 (ETAG 031), which was issued at the end of 2010 to help ensure consistent standards of assessment of inverted roof systems. 

·        BBA Information Bulletin No. 4, which emphasises the need to adjust calculated U-values to take account of the cooling effect of rainwater, as well as the importance of correct drainage.

·        BBA DataSheet No. 40/10, which describes the methodology to be adopted when analysing the results of thermal conductivity testing of insulation materials to determine a declared thermal conductivity value (λD).