Elta Fans, the Kingswinford-based manufacturer and supplier of fans to the industrial and building services markets, has issued a brochure on its new range of ‘Eltadrive’ variable-speed drives or ‘inverters’.

The new 24-page brochure provides product information and IP ratings, along with features, benefits, dimensions, specifications and connection diagrams but, most importantly, contains a clear explanation of the cost savings that can be achieved in ventilation systems and how the inverters can also help cut the level of CO2 emissions.

The motivation behind the new Eltadrive range was the manufacturer’s desire to create ‘demand control ventilation’ as an efficient and effective means of providing variable-speed solutions for those parts of any building with varying ventilation requirements. Most system designers often base their fan selection on models that can deliver a performance at the maximum ventilation rate required - or greater - even if that rate is only needed for periods of short duration. Using an inverter to control fans via sensors monitoring the location’s humidity, temperature and pressure, in order to reduce fan speed for those periods when the maximum rate of ventilation is not wanted, can provide significant cost-savings through lower energy consumption. The use of an Eltadrive can also reduce the number of control and protection devices needed in an installation.

The Eltadrive range of inverters has been designed encompassing the latest technology and combining robustness with reliability, to meet the rigorous demands of industry and relevant legislation and comprises eleven sizes ranging from 0.37kW to 11kW with a choice of two voltage inputs. 

The new brochure also gives details of input chokes, output filters (for that small number of applications where output filtering is required), the built-in proportional and integral (PI) feedback controller and the Eltadrive SmartStart feature. This is a device that enables a new inverter to be programmed with all the required parameters from another drive operating under similar conditions, for fast and accurate repeat programming via plug-in or Bluetooth connectivity for wireless convenience.