Marshalls Plc, the UK’s leading manufacturer of hard landscaping materials, has launched a new video featuring renowned architect and town planner Peter Heath, Public Realm Director at Atkins, discussing the importance of counter-terror design

Peter possesses a wealth of experience in architecture and landscaping and has advised on some of the UK’s most landmark, public realm projects at Atkins, the UK’s largest engineering and design consultancy and the world’s 11th largest design firm. Such projects include the recent Oxford Circus transformation and the Trafalgar Square redevelopment. Peter has also contributed to official counter-terrorism guidance launched by the Government and the Royal Institute of British Architects’ (RIBA).

Following events in recent years, the threat of international terrorism has risen to unprecedented levels and the integration of counter-terror design into the planning of public landscapes has never been more important.

In the video, Peter Heath provides his perspective on the role of counter-terror design in the public realm and also addresses one of the major challenges currently facing the built environment - how counter-terror security measures can be incorporated into landscapes without compromising design integrity.

Watch the full video here