WA100 app home screen

Introducing the WA100 iOS app

The ultimate guide to the world’s biggest architecture practices is now available from the app store

David Chipperfield's research centre for Amorepacific

South Korea: eastern promise

Major cultural projects are spearheading a wave of new buildings in this Asian powerhouse

Qatar Sports City Stadium

Qatar: star of the Middle East

The Gulf state’s growth is largely for the sake of the country rather than to satisfy developers’ egos

Aecom Rio 2016 masterplan

Brazil: tough challenge

The Brazilian economy may be booming, but the construction market is also largely self-contained

Towers in Shanghai

Personal relationships are key to success in China

Architects hoping to make strides in the land of opportunity should learning all about the working culture

BDP's masterplan for the Vaha Project in Turkey

Turkey: away from the storm

The aspiring EU member has had the highest growth of any country

Amanda Baillieu - Editor

Tales of the unexpected

In these challenging times nobody knows what’s around the corner, but what’s certain is that architects will have to do more for less in order to survive

The global economy: a house of cards?

Recovery is built on shaky foundations

Emerging markets are proving key to the strong performances of some practices, but the spectre of European financial collapse still looms

Heneghan Peng has worked closely with Buro Happold and Arup on the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza.

Best partners: Strong relationships ease the way

With architects increasingly working overseas, good business partners are more important than ever

How the charts are compiled

The data for the rankings and tables in this publication were gathered by UK communications agency Camargue, on behalf of BD.

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