Thursday03 September 2015

V&A Dundee designs revealed

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The V&A has unveiled the six shortlisted designs for its new outpost in Dundee.

The shortlist was chosen from more than 120 entries for the international competition, and includes Sutherland Hussey, Gareth Hoskins Architects working with Snøhetta, Steven Holl Architects, Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, Kengo Kuma & Associates and Rex.

Proposals by all six practices have now gone on display at a public exhibition at the University of Abertay Dundee library, called V&A Dundee – Making it Happen, which opens officially on September 29 and runs until November 4.

Lesley Knox, chair of the jury panels, said: “These are fantastic designs and we hope as many people as possible visit the exhibition and the website and express their opinions on the models and designs.”

“I am sure people will see things they really love, and some will also have opinions that go the other way. But the key thing is that they make their opinions known, as it will feed into the jury panel’s decision.”

The winning design will house a new branch of the London-based museum at Craig Harbour on the banks of the River Tay. The museum hopes that the V&A Dundee will become Scotland’s leading centre for design.

The museum said it was looking for a “landmark building” that would “dominate Dundee’s waterfront.”


Readers' comments (9)

  • http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2010/jan/11/dundee-gallery-river-tay

    According to the Guardian when the competition was launched in January, and unless ideas have changed in the interim:-

    'Unlike the Tate's highly successful offshoots in St Ives and Liverpool, the V&A has so far only committed to showing touring exhibitions in Dundee for 10 years. It has no plans for a permanent collection in Dundee'

    So perhaps calling this the Dundee V & A is not entirely accurate?

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  • Which waterfront whacky shape do you like best? A lump of crystal, a submarine, a loudspeaker or clock radio? I would hide under my cravatte if I had to choose.

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  • I like the value engineered copy of Future Systems' Cricket Pavillion in 1970s terrazzo best.

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  • I would have thought the likes of Snohetta would think twice before plonking a building in the sea again given their past record. Hopefully Dundee's Tay estuary is a bit calmer than Margate, although both are pretty similar on a Saturday night out!

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  • Yeah.

    Another view of the proposals


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  • Sutherland Hassey is the best of these- specifically for being the most realistic, although it is still clearly too far out from the harbor and too low for the sea swell. The rest of these are no good. Try to dazzle people with too many sparkly cgi effects. I can see that you can use cgi- great. But give me something I can BUILD. The Meissl design- imagine the staggering cost of trying to make that work. It is absurd, unnecessary, unrealistic, besides what it looks like in the first place- which is ridiculous. We need some more realistic designs, and less shock&awe here.

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  • I can only look at some of these designs and say I am concerned.

    Yes, for the bravura, but no, for the cost, practicality and sustainablity of the approach and what it gives back ot the community.

    Considered architectural design has given way to "folded architecture" or freeform flights of fancy with neither sense nor shape nor make to them.

    Who decided on the prism approach I ask you? Or the upside down pyramidal concoction? What was the inspiration - the broken glass and paper debris from an office party?

    Has someone let the graduates from the advanced course in designer lightshades have free run of the architecture department?

    This seems to be yet more of Zaha Hadid's "its about the building, dahlink, not the function" brand of architecture.

    These shortlists seem to be yet more reasons for making certain architectural designs are chosen for their considered use of reference and context as well as function, local materials, local craftsmen.

    There are European architects designing in China, for goodness sakes and going out of their way to make cultural references and used local materials.

    Why are we all wetting ourselves looking a pieces of melted Tupperware? Do they scale that well, or something?

    And the location of it in the middle of a cold body of water is supposed to do what? Remind people of the North's industrial glory in yesteryear?

    Was it the best site chosen for some real reason to integrate meaningfully into a local community?

    Does no one see the parallel between fantasy designs like these and Wall Street chasing share price as opposed to investor value and sustainable employnment and the mess we're in?

    Cradle to cradle sustainability studies on this one?

    (shakes head)

    How is this meant to support its community at large?

    They need [we all need] advice on how to survive as labour supply services into an increasingly globalized economy where we'll be competing against Vikram in India who is a qualified architect and works for €100 per week.

    They don't need more buildings designed by out-of-town architects to serve a tiny minority of its population who will frequent it in a recession.

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  • I hope Steven Holl's design will be taken into consideration as Snohetta and Spence's design for the Turner Gallery was. It's in the water aswell!! All be it may not endure as harsh currents in the water, still something to keep in mind!

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  • Has the V+A the guts to build anything like these schemes? It baulked at the Liebeskind design for the London extension, and is now running a semi-secret competition for the same thing. I suspect anyone interesting will be screened out in the first bureaucratic round.

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