Monday28 July 2014

The Top 10 architecture stories of 2012

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The articles you’ve read the most over the past 12 months including Carbuncle Cup, Arb’s Renzo Piano declaration, Hadid’s Aquatic kerfuffle and RMJM chaos.

These are the stories that architects in the UK (and a few from abroad - particularly America, Germany and India) have wanted to read the most. Is it any coincidence that they also happen to be our most contentious stories?

This year, some of our readers have been quick to criticise our coverage of RMJM. But you can probably expect to see more of these stories in 2013. As long as there is a story that affects not only the reputation of the profession but the employees of what was one of the UK’s biggest and best firms, we will continue to report it because - either directly or indirectly - it has an impact on our readers. This is also why these stories are so popular.

Carbuncle Cup is probably the most controversial architecture prize in the world. The debate over whether it’s right to name and shame UK architects continues to rage. This isn’t the place to go into our reasoning in depth, but we believe that Carbuncle Cup is important. And that our readers want to see these buildings and architects held to account when their work is not up to scratch, whoever they are. And the vast number of people who have read our Carbuncle Cup stories suggest that we’re right…

1. Carbuncle cup winner 2012: Ship in a throttle

2. Arb says bd cannot call Piano an ‘architect’ 

3. Unpaid RMJM staff given marching orders

4. YRM bosses jump ship leaving staff stranded

5. Carbuncle cup 2012: the shortlist

6. RMJMs uk businesses in receivership 

7. Carbuncle cup nomination – Cutty Sark renovation by Grimshaw Architects

8. Zaha Hadid denies Aquatics Centre design to blame for diving blunder

9. RMJM star architect exits firm

10. RMJM’s finance director quits as staff exodus hits top brass


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