Wednesday23 August 2017

Levete confirms Kaplicky job cuts

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Future Systems staff working for the late Jan Kaplicky have been made redundant following talks with the Czech architect’s former partner Amanda Levete.

The three staff — who were working on projects including the ill-fated Czech National Library scheme — left Future Systems just days after Kaplicky’s death in January by mutual agreement, according to Levete.

Amanda Levete
Amanda Levete

In a statement, Levete denied reports in the Czech press that the staff had been sacked, adding that the process of setting up her own separate business was almost complete.

Documents filed with Companies House show that Amanda Levete Architects Limited has been established in London’s Barbican area. “As is widely known it was Jan’s and my wish that we would form independent offices,” she said. “This process is under way and nearly complete.

“The [Prague] project was on hold following the completion of the competition phase and no-one had been working on it for many months. Three architectural assistants from Jan’s team were made redundant at the end of January by mutual agreement as there was not the work to support them.”

The library project was canned by Prague authorities last year despite protests from Kaplicky and street demonstrations after his death.

BD revealed in October that Kaplicky and Levete were poised to go their own ways, with Levete taking most of their shared team of staff with her but Kaplicky retaining the valuable Future Systems brand name, which is now understood to be owned by his widow, Eliska.

Kaplicky’s team, which had been sharing the same office space as Levete, had been working on other projects including the Budvar Concert & Congress Centre.


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