Wednesday23 July 2014

J Mayer H Architects completes Georgian House of Justice

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Two-storey concrete building completed in old town of Mestia

German practice J Mayer H Architects has completed the House of Justice in Mestia for the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Built on a site next to the recently completed city hall, the two-storey structure is one of several new public buildings around the old town of Mestia’s central plaza.

A statement from the architect said: “Its towerlike shape pays homage to the medieval stone towers which are traditional to Mestia’s mountainside region.

“The facade is comprised of prefabricated textured concrete and large openings which offer a maximum of transparency. Its concrete structure frames the spectacular landscape of the Caucasian Mountains.”


Readers' comments (10)

  • Mike Duriez

    Does the apparent small size of this House of Justice have any political message. Or is it just saying that 1970s Soviet architecture is back in fashion?

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  • As self-consciously iconic architecture goes, I think this looks great

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  • wow, that's exceptionally nasty.

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  • Apart from the fact that this horrible building is likely to strike terror into the heart of anyone unfortunate enough to be put on trial there, the attempt to inter-relate the two words "Georgia" and "justice" seem to be creating conflicts in my computer operating system.

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  • image 1 & 2 = meh

    Why try to compete with the picturesque vistas of this town so vigoursly.The eye will forever be drawn to this wavy nonsense.

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  • The pictures seem to show two different buildings...?

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  • Alex Henderson

    I like it!

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  • It looks like something by Make - but on a good day.

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  • Luke Clayden

    Brutalist architecture

    Brutalist architecture is a style of architecture which flourished from the 1950s to the mid 1970s, spawned from the modernist architectural movement. Examples are typically very linear, fortresslike and blockish, often with a predominance of concrete construction. Initially the style came about for government buildings, low-rent housing and shopping centers in order to create functional structures at a low cost, but eventually designers adopted the look for other uses such as college campus buildings.

    Critics of the style find it unappealing due to its "cold" appearance, projecting an atmosphere of totalitarianism, as well as the association of the buildings with urban decay due to materials weathering poorly in certain climates and the surfaces being prone to vandalization by graffiti. Despite this, the style is appreciated by others, with some of the angular features being softened and updated in buildings currently being constructed in Israel and Latin America, and preservation efforts are taking place in the United Kingdom.

    I feel I am being slightly rude however the above text was made for this building,

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  • Your definition of Brutalism is quite wrong. I suggest you read Banham's "The New Brutalism", published in December 1955.

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