Wednesday23 August 2017

City approves Foggo's can of ham

Foggo Associates building will stand alongside the Gherkin
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Foggo Associates' 90m-tall commercial building in the City of London has won planning approval, despite objections from Cabe and the City Heritage Society.

The building, nicknamed the “can of ham”, will replace two existing buildings on St Mary Axe in the east of the city.

The 18-storey elliptical building includes 370sq m of retail space at basement and ground-floor level.

In its design review of the scheme, Cabe said that the building would create “an uncomfortable and unattractive form both at street level and on the city skyline”.

Cabe also criticised the scheme for echoing the shape of the Gherkin, which occupies a site further along St Mary Axe.

But in a planning meeting on Tuesday morning, the City of London’s planning officer Peter Wynne Rees strongly recommended the scheme be granted approval claiming Cabe’s design panel had been swayed by personal taste.

“I think it’s only someone of an architect’s mindset who would say ‘that’s the Gherkin extruded’,” he said.

Wynne Rees said he felt the City Heritage Society would oppose any tall building in the city, regardless of its merits.

But City Heritage Society chair Anne Thomas hit back saying: “We are not against all tall buildings, but this is just a lump and it doesn’t enhance the street scene.”


Readers' comments (9)

  • Heritage groups should stop opposing tall buildings in the heart of the financial district. They seek every opportunity to undermine London's development.

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  • Whether it's tall or not, the current City of London bods have proved again and again that don't have a clue about what constitutes good architecture or good design for that matter. They're simply not interested in that sort of thing.

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  • Oh give over Mr Green - you are like a cracked record - anything of heritage value=the devil's spawn, anything shiny+ new=wonderful. Go and live in Dubai or set up camp in an out-of-town mall in Hicksville Montana and leave London and its great sense of history to those of us who enjoy its rich architectural and cultural traditions!

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  • Sorry but i agree with developing the heart of London even though I will never understand how the heart can capacitate for all the commuters that will densify that specific area. Secondly, that "can of ham" is actually a "can of bo**cks". That is seriously ugly, bad architecture, and the architect who designed it should be stripped of his title. I'd rather see no building and see people cram into a georgian block than see that monstrosity be built

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  • Thank you Thomas. I agree. I think he's a BD plant. Meant as a joke surely? Cannot be serious? Mr Peter (Wynne) Rees - ah yes. How much better the City would be without him. Even with his name made so much more important sounding these days, he's still a planning disaster. I recall some of his claims made at the Smithfield inquiry also. The words 'forked' and 'tongue' spring to mind.

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  • Peter Rees has shown tremendous leadership over the years. He has helped make London a global financial centre, thereby directly and indirectly providing employment to hundreds of thousands of people!

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  • I do hope Steve Green has a doting aunt who can buy him a nice new pair of socks for Christmas, then he will have not one but two to put in. Give over, it's not even amusing, let alone well informed.

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  • Byword, I challenge you to an arm-wrestling contest to settle our differences ;) Merry Christmas to all BD readers!

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  • You'd lose. No contest. Tell Auntie that M and S has some good ones in multiple packs. You could use one on Reese also, a man who has done more than most to spoil the City, arm in arm with his pals the developers.

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