Saturday19 August 2017

Carbuncle Cup opens for nominations

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Today sees the launch of the call for nominations for the sixth Carbuncle Cup, BD’s annual award presented in recognition of the ugliest building completed in Britain in the past 12 months

A shortlist drawn from readers’ nominations will be published in the issue of July 22 with the ultimate winner being revealed at the end of August.

This year, for the first time, the jury is to be drawn from the ranks of the national newspapers’ architecture critics. Hugh Pearman (Sunday Times), Jonathan Glancey (the Guardian), Rowan Moore (the Observer), Tom Dyckhoff (the Times) and Edwin Heathcote (the Financial Times) will be joining BD’s editor and Daily Telegraph architecture critic, Ellis Woodman, to select the most deserving recipient.

Who will inherit the crown from last year’s winner, the Strata Tower by BFLS?

You can add your nomination to the Carbuncle Cup Flickr group or submit it in the comments below.

To be eligible each nomination must include a photograph of the offending building along with its name, location and the name of the architect. You can also include the reasons why you think it should be crowned the Carbuncle of 2011. Images can be sent to bdonline@ubm.com



Readers' comments (19)

  • Why persist with this destructive, snide and downright nasty pursuit?

    It is a travesty and slight on the whole profession!

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  • ... and pursuing RMJM to the grave isn't?

    Ridiculing each other is what we do best - enjoy it while it lasts...

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  • bitter pill

    can i nominate each and every one of Make's buildings?

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  • is there a prize for whoever can guess the total number of schemes by Make that will feature on the shortlist?

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  • james francis

    Can I nominate a stalled project that is now just left half built? (I'm thinking Ipswich Waterfront - with its looming unclad tower block!) This seems somehow to represent the impact of the current economic realities!

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  • This should be boycotted. You would never see this in any other profession.

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  • In certain (arts?) professions, this does too feature! ....Think of the epic end of season 'failed attempts' from x-factor ho ho ho... This's pretty much the same idea, but just with fancier vocabulary!

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  • I'm a little surprised by the comments from people who are railing against the Carbuncle Cup. Reflection and self-criticism is important for self-betterment. There are numerous industry prizes that celebrate the best buildings which help inform our designs as architects, and by the same token, the Carbuncle Cup reminds us how where buildings go spectacularly wrong. It also simultaneously works to keep us on our toes to work that bit harder to ensure projects that we put our name to don't end up on the list. There have, and will always be good and bad projects, and we should never shy away from calling it as we see it - that has always been the basis of architectural criticism.

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  • @Ralph - I think there is a big difference between a constructive design review with the intention of making the building better and a post-build, feeding frenzy of a destructive bloodbath.

    @Peter - maybe we should let people from popular culture judge our buildings? Maybe those like Toby Young???

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  • @since68. By not being explicit and highlighting built failures, we risk habituating them and/or repeating them.

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