Friday25 July 2014

Architecture student advertises services on eBay

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Third year students offers month’s work for 99p in bid to find internship

An architecture student is auctioning her services on eBay in an attempt to secure an internship to meet the requirements of her part 1 qualification.

The third year student is offering a month’s work as an architectural assistant at a starting bid of 99p, in the hope that an architecture practice will take advantage of her “try before you buy” offer.

“This will permit you the opportunity to see if I am suited and that you wish to offer me an internship for the 6 to 12 month RIBA required placement,” she said. “You may be gaining an assistant for as little as 99p.  I am worth so much more to you…!”

In an advert titled “RIBA part 1 Student selling 8 hrs a day to Architect firm suitably placed to pay”, the student offers examples of work on the River Hull Corridor and says she has had previous work experience at Glasgow City Council.

The advert is listed in the Books, Comics and Magazines section of the eBay website. Answering a question from one potential bidder, the student describes herself as a “coffee table book”, one that is “sociable, relaxed but hard working”.

At the time of writing the advert had received no bids.


Readers' comments (20)

  • hope doesnt end up ond shelf at "Poundland"

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  • a month's work for 99p sounds about right, that's how much fosters pay.

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  • I see this as a travesty.

    Universities need to take responsibility for the money they make.

    To make an extreme example to clarify the point, it is like a mining company not having to take responsibility for the environmental damage of it's mining operations.

    Universities should not purely respond to the market without bearing some responsibility for the wider social costs.

    The gentleman in question has done a great service to his fellow graduates by making this issue remain in the public sphere for longer.

    I don't believe this strategy will work for him personally because our profession generally does not respond to publicity in the manner of other market areas.

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  • Theo Jones

    A novel idea and I commend her! I hope she gets a job. However the work she is showing on eBay isn't of a particularly high calibre...

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  • 3 years training and that is all she is worth as a part 1 student I would ask for my money back from the people who set the course up? She should value he self much higher

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  • clichy

    @T Jones

    I hardly think you are qualified to comment on the calibre of her work but your arrogance indicates that you have the making of an Architect.

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  • I'm not going to bid.

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  • Alisa Selezneva

    Clichy, I think the fact of her posting her work in this context allows criticism from any potential buyer. And if her portfolio in not very good then that probably explains why she is struggling to find work?... I feel for her but agree with an earlier post – she should be really pissed off with her school for not preparing her better. It’s a complete disgrace. Hope she will be able to find something.

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  • Pinning the blame on Uni's isn't fair at all. Education isn't there to meet the demands of a market economy it's there to push boundaries.

    What's unfair is the monopoly practices have over creating 'registered' architects. Part 1's HAVE NO OPTION but to find a job with PEDR accreditation if they are to have any chance of a career in architecture. So when practices (who on the whole, are subject to market forces) have to make ends meet, the first to be sacrificed it would seem are 'unproductive students'.

    The only commitment practices seem have to 'students' is an 'obligation' to prepare them for registration. Because architects only think of Part 1's or Part 2's as being on their way to registration there is no intrinsic value attributed to what are in reality highly educated people. Consequently 'students' tend to get casually dismissed as unqualified and therefore of little commercial 'value'. That's one reason why highly education graduates find it hard to get a job in architecture and have to resort to creative solutions.

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  • casual observer

    RIBA Code of Professional Conduct
    8.2 Members who employ staff must comply with all legal requirements and define the conditions of employment, authority and liability of their employees in writing.
    Employing Students
    8.5 Where an employee is an architectural student undertaking professional experience at Stage 1, (Post Part 1) or Stage Two, (Post Part 2), the employer should also have due regard for the employee’s general training and education in accordance with the objectives of the RIBA’s Professional Experience and Development Record Scheme (PEDR).

    8.6 Members who employ students are expected to:
    * provide them with a proper written contract of employment; (NB. The RIBA has produced a model employment contract for the use of members in the UK employing Stage One and Stage Two architectural students)
    * nominate an employment mentor to supervise the professional development of the employee and to complete the quarterly PEDR record sheets in a timely manner;
    * provide a reasonable breadth of work experience and level of responsibility in accordance with the objectives and regulations of the PEDR scheme
    * permit attendance at courses, study days and examinations and for work shadowing in accordance with the objectives and regulations of the PEDR scheme.

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