Friday04 September 2015

Architects' desks: Daisy Froud, director at AOC

Daisy Froud's desk
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BD takes a look at the workspaces of architects

Daisy Froud said: “My desk is an Alice-like rabbit hole of a workspace, fully-lined with books, files and boxes, and with lots of useful paraphernalia within grabbing distance, from notebooks to board games, clipboards to sticking plasters, handcreams to Italian cinema.

“The window overlooks a primary school, so I work to the sound of children playing. It’s a bit prison-like - there are plans to paint the bars pink or gold - but I have another much larger unbarred window opposite, facing a park, with squirrel-laden trees in the foreground and silhouettes of the Barbican towers on the horizon. 

“The three screens might suggest that I am a tech whizzkid, and they do allow me to play out Daft Punk fantasies, but only the laptop is actually mine. 

“The miniature dining suite is left over from a project. I meant to take it home for my daughter, but then grew attached to its domesticity. It always looks rather lovely in the afternoon sun.”


Readers' comments (18)

  • Freddie Ridley-Hampton

    I say! I think I'm in love.

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  • Alisa Selezneva

    like the desk, Daisy sounds nice, shame she's not an architect ))

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  • Munter Roe

    Daisy has studied French and Italian at the University of Cambridge and has a Diploma in Translation. But she works in an architectural office.

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  • Where exactly has Daisy said she is an architect?
    I agree that the tone of comments posted on the majority of the BD response sections is pathetic....
    Adrian Watson

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  • I have Part3. So bored of this. My point was that I'd much rather hear of exciting, pro-active, creative thinkers than slowly die reading petty comments from bitter anons.

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  • has everyone lost the plot?! its a flipping desk. learn to pick your battles! anyway, great woman. and one of the best teachers I never had the pleasure of having in my ARCHITECTURE school.

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  • Andy Matthews

    Nice desk Daisy. Looks like a nice little spot to work.

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  • Great desk... shame about the vitriol from the architects - always seems astonishing that architects are so paranoid that other 'non qualified' people are stealing their work... the more cultural interpreters that the profession have among them (like daisy) the better. Screw your mealy mouthed surveyors minds with your protectionist bollocks...

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  • D Lequeu

    I like the miniature desk in the foreground. But a couple of comments:

    Clearly this is a "workstation" not a "desk". Get your act together BD!!!

    @Munter Roe this is a "comment" section: you should figure out something else to do with your twaddle - it doesn't belong here.

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  • I'd love to know the demographic of the complaining Architects in this commentary. My guess is you're a bit old and/or out of the loop. It's depressing and worryingly narrow-minded that in this contemporary age you still believe in categorising those who have a right to strive and work hard for innovation and progress in the built environment and those who do not. Architects shamelessly envision nasty new bits of city every day. They have ARB subscriptions but they don't all have integrity and they don't make places better. What is more important? Meanwhile, for example, city design programme in LSE is being taught by social and political scientists, to new generations of architects and non-architects who are very successfully harnessing the power of multi-disciplinary approaches to design and problem solving in the built environment. If there was no demand for multi-disciplinary thinking in architecture, surely the AOC wouldn't be so successful.

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