Wednesday23 August 2017

Architects' Bikes: Mark Stodgell, IT director at Pozzoni

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BD lends its support to C2C and Cities fit for cycling

Mark Stodgell said: “I’ve always been a recreational mountain biker but a running injury a few years back forced me on to two wheels. Mixing my love of orienteering with knobbly tyres took me first to The Polaris and then more serious Mountain Bike Orienteering competitions.

“In 2008 amazingly it got picked as a wild card for the British Team to compete in the European Championships in Lithuania. As I had never trained on a bike before I engaged the coaching services of my local ex Le Tour riding Adrian Timmis who attempted to get me fit. His first words were ‘stodge we need to work on your power to weight ratio, and there’s not much time to do a lot about the power’. A year later I was 10kg lighter and a regular member of the British Team getting the opportunity to race all over Europe.

“Mixing working full time with training and a young family is the normal challenge for anyone trying to compete at a high level but both Pozzoni and my family have been very supportive.

“Unfortunately I am currently out of action with a back injury after jumping off a wall whilst racing in Russia last Autumn.”

The video below shows this crash about ½ way through.


“Although cycling to work for me isn’t possible every day I do train on the roads and can normally expect at least one ‘near miss’ every other time I venture out. Drivers often pull out as they underestimate the sheer speed that some of us ride at, however I think it is also important for many cyclists to  think about the way they ride and act more responsibly at traffic lights etc as cyclists reputations with ‘white van man’ are often as bad as ‘white van man’s’ with us!”

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