Tuesday22 July 2014

Architect job losses up by 760%

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The rate at which architects are joining the dole has accelerated to a year-on-year increase of 760%, it has emerged.

RIBA President, Sunand Prasad

Following BD’s exclusive story last month that architects are signing on at a faster rate than any other profession, the trend has continued into the early part of 2009, The Guardian reported today.

According to figures from the Office for National Statistics, between February 2008 and February 2009, the number of architects claiming jobseekers’ allowance rose by 760% from 150 to 1,290.

RIBA president Sunand Prasad told the paper the problem for the profession was “gigantic”.

“I would estimate that those figures represent a fraction of the reality, based on our returns, anecdotal material and our projections,” he said.


Readers' comments (7)

  • i cannot quite believe how awful the situation is. As a student about to graduate as a 'part 2' (whatever that means..?) and after 6 years of training I am facing a long queue at the dole office. As you can imagine I am angry and quite confused as to how I was so stupid to consider this a professional career. Why didn't I just study law or something . They know how to look after their own.

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  • Jamie, never a truer word spoken. Instead of everyone broadcasting figures, why/where is the help to sort out this problem. WHY ISNT THE GOVERNMENT ACTING? This problem is here, now and very real! (not that anyone who can do something about it is listening).....

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  • The building cycle is the lot of our profession. We have god-like status at colledge, but have to adapt to reality once we graduate. Time to start adapting.

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  • just immagine how overcrowded the diploma courses are going to be next year...

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  • The situation is far more serious than the article suggests. The number of architects looking for work will be significantly greater than the figure of 1,290 because you may only claim JSA for 6 months. After this time most disappear from the official figures. Why are there no government or RIBA schemes to ensure that the skills base is not lost, retrains as necessary in sustainable design and construction and remains ready for action once the economy improves? After all, during previous recessions it is architecture that has picked up first and helped to drive the recovery.

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  • better get applying for big brother this year then!

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  • I'd be around to "help drive the recovery" but as soon as things leave I'll be back in Ireland to help drive their recovery. Not as if ARB or the RIBA give a damn....being excluded from the profession by virtue of my non-British degree I somehow don't care as to the lack of skills problem that will develop.

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