Thursday24 July 2014

AM Progetti’s ‘lucky’ coin close to completion

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Local residents are yet to be convinced by the coin-shaped building in Guangzhou

Construction on a 33-storey coin-shaped waterfront complex in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou is well under way.

Designed by Milan-based AM Progetti, the 138m high building features a 48m wide hole in the centre.

The building’s shape has been inspired by ancient golden coins. Wang Zhansan, the chief engineer on the project, said: “A golden coin, jade or waterwheel alongside the river means luck to Cantonese: Water brings money”.

AM Progetti added: “We consider the shape of the double jade disk as the strongest shape inspiration and the perfect starting point for the GDPE Landmark Building design.”

But according to the Shenzhen Daily, some locals are less convinced.

“It looks exactly the same as the ugly Fangyuan Building in Shenyang,” Guangzhou resident Luo Bihua said.

The Fangyuan building by Taiwan architect CY Lee was recently ranked as one of the top ten ugliest buildings in the world by news broadcaster CNN.

Another resident, He Huiying added: “I can’t see any beauty in the two buildings… Two golden coins? It only exposes the naked desire of the authorities and the property owners to chase money.”

Once completed, the building will be used as a warehouse and research centre for the Guangdong Plastic Exchange.


Readers' comments (8)

  • OMG that's horrible

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  • Lucky polo mint shurely?

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  • that's so JV bro

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  • I Just puked all over my screen......

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  • idiotic tosh which only serves to reinforce architects as w**kers.

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  • What, talking to actual Chinese citizens about their opinion on something? That's a surprise!

    It is encouraging to hear dissenting voices who don't accept or encourage the usual c**p.

    It also dismays me how literally some things are taken these days. This would be a joke if it wasn't getting built; diminishing people's experience of a place whilst also wrecking the environment.

    Too many people have lost sight of what is important in architecture, if they ever knew to begin with.

    The plastic computer game style renders aren't helping either.

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  • Easy to laugh, certainly; but it's also worth noting that AM Progetti have got into the Chinese market in a big way with offices not only in Milan but also in Beijing, Canton, and Shanghai, staffed by Chinese architects.

    How many UK practices have done the same?

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  • Secptical. Fair play to them, we could all doubtless use that income stream ourselves at the moment.

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