Friday25 July 2014

Introducing the BD Cycle Safety Campaign, sponsored by McGee

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This week, BD and MCGee are sending a 13-tonne truck to practices around the country delivering free cycle safety and awareness workshops










The BD McGee truck will be stopping off at regular intervals to deliver free safety workshops that are open to all architects and built environment professionals:

Monday 2nd July 2012 - FaulknerBrowns - Newcastle - (1pm - 4pm)

Tuesday 3rd July - Hodders Associates - Manchester (10am - 12pm) 

Tuesday 3rd July - Glenn Howells Architects/OnYourBike - Birmingham (2pm - 5pm) 

Wednesday 4th July - StrideTreglown Architects - Cardiff  (11am - 1pm)

Wednesday 4th July - Tabacco Factory - Bristol - (2pm - 4pm)

Friday 6th July - Squint/Opera/Doodlebar - Battersea, London (10am - 1pm) 

Friday 6th July - LFA 2012 - Kings Cross - London (2pm - 5pm)


Readers' comments (6)

  • Talk about missing the bloody point by a country mile.

    Surely this roadshow should be going around the country to the various construction haulage contractors and getting these companies firstly to put their drivers on bikes and give them some cycle awareness training, and secondly commit to installing proper safety equipment and safety checks/ training procedures? Or is it just the cyclists fault for being on the road if they get run over (ref. John Griffin of Addison Lee)?

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  • McGee have been giving their drivers training, but it is very enlightening sitting in the cab of a truck and seeing what the experience is like. As a cyclist I had no idea how terrifying it would be from the drivers perspective or how reckless many cyclists are because they don't understand that they can't be seen or how challenging it is to navigate city streets in a large vehicle. Drivers are only human. You can install all the safety equipment in the world, but if a cyclist isn't aware of the danger points will it make much difference? It's not like drivers want to hit people!
    Anna Winston,
    Online editor

  • I appreciate the fact that BD are sitting up and paying attention, but you should be aware that in the majority of cases collisions are not down to lack of awareness or experience on the part of the cyclists, but are due to inattentive or bad driving on the part of the other vehicle.

    Only this last week we've had an HGV driver (Joao Lopes) convicted of a 2nd death in the space of about two years - the first time he ran over a Elidh Cairns as she rode through Notting Hill, and the 2nd time he ran over Nora Gutman at a pedestrian crossing. INn the case of Emma Foa who was killed by a concrete lorry near King's Cross that turned into her, it was shown in court that she would have been visible in the driver's mirrors if he had bothered to look. Brian Dorling and Svetlana Tereschenko were both killed by HGVs at Bow roundabout within the space of a couple of weeks.

    There is an endemic problem with safety associated with the construction haulage sector in particular that will not be mitigated or prevented by giving some awareness training to a few cyclists. We should be pressing for these operators to install proximity sensors and blind spot mirrors throughout their fleets now, rather than waiting for legislation to force them to do it. These same operators should be giving their drivers cycle awareness training as a rule rather than an exception. And the haulage sector should do more themselves to marginalise or pressure the less respectable operators to get in line.

    For one cyclists view on a similar "changing places" scheme to the one you are organising see:


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  • zecks_marquise

    Speak for yourself Bug, but after moped riders, Cyclists consitently take more risks (to keep momentum) than anyone else. Simply getting on a bike without a high viz coat and a helmet, already qualifies half of london's cyclists for the darwin awards

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  • Also you should take a look at the work being done by the See Me Save Me campaign.


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  • Much needs to be done and there is not one solution fits all. Companies such as McGee and organisations such as BD ought to be applauded for not just raising awareness, but actually doing something.

    We have designed cycle sensors that fit on the side of lorries (as in the video) and detect corresponding sensors fitted to a cycle or on the cyclist. Many of the campaign groups highlight this as a key issue, namely fit sensors to lorries.

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  • It's worth highlighting the recent decision by the Mineral Products Association to commit all of its members to put in place significant measures aimed at reducing the road danger from their lorries i.e. roughly 30,000 HGVs.


    Maybe pressure could also be put on the building firms to ensuring they only sub-contract to companies that are willing to commit to these or similar measures?

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