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Architecture student shows 2012: The Bartlett School of Architecture

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A wonderland of architectural inventions, propositions and suggestions ranging from the very practical to the completely conceptual.

The Bartlett’s show sees over 450 students present a range of inventive, creative and visual work, from models, drawings and life-size fragments to films, multimedia installations and computer fabrications.

Sprawling over two floors of the UCL Slade Gallery, the exhibition is divided into over 20 distinct bays which represent the independent design units at the Bartlett School of Architecture. 

The Bartlett School of Architecture show 2012

BSc Arch Year 1.6, ‘Library/bed/brass’

The show officially opens with an address from Andrea Branzi, the famous Italian architect and designer who co-founded the design studio Archizoom Associates.

The show opens to the public on Saturday 23 June and runs for a week until 30 June.


Readers' comments (48)

  • zecks_marquise

    It is an excellent show this year. It would be nice if you credited the images though!

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  • We did ask the Bartlett for credit information but as yet they haven't sent it in - they were happy for the gallery to go up without that information which we will add if and when we receive it.

    Anna Winston
    Online editor

  • Yoshiwara

    Thanks, Zecks. Everyone at the Barlett can sleep easy tonight. BTW, why don't you credit yourself with a real name?

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  • Stewie

    Well, let me be the first to say this year, 'I can see the Art but where is the Architecture!' lol. There always wanted to say that.

    No but seriously, would'nt want to associate myself with this approach to architecture, it rarely translates into anything interesting that can be built in reality and if its not feasible to bring fantasy into reality it rather removes the reason for architecture, to be able to design and build for the physical world in which we live. Perhaps they should rename their course to emphasize the art rather than architecture that they do there.

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  • zecks_marquise

    Please look deeper into the project, you will be surprise the level of though go into the design. If you can be bother, ready through all the technical report, then you will realise it's not purely art.

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  • Absolute unique experience this show. Sometimes you really can t figure out how that work has been produced. Got high respect for all these students and their instructors. Just came out of another depressing week in an architecture company, in which, all stress is due to the mismanagement and disorganisation of the "management. This show was a pure breath of fresh air, design energy and reminded me why I once came to this town.

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  • paulimack

    Dear Stewie, Your archaic beliefs of what architecture is, or should be are distressing, to say the least.
    This generalisation is ridiculous. You do realise that the school is RIBA accredited, therefore meets all the technical, design and theoretical requirements that is considered to make a good architect. Read zecks comment and take note, maybe even take the time to return to the exhibition and read the associated text with your so called piece of art. You may learn something.

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  • zecks_marquise

    Dear paulimack, I could not agree with you more. In fact, if you interview any of the graduates this year, you will learn that the Bartlett hv increased the technical requirnment dramatically, since they changed the course to Master of Architecture.

    So please show some respect to all these talented and extrmemly hard working students.

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  • Stewie

    Paulimack, never been to any of their exhibitions or to The Bartlett at any other time. I can see just by looking at the above examples that it would not be worth the travel expense. More than that I would not want any of the work I produce in any way associated with any influence from the Bartlett, I'm better than that! No its not all art at their exhibition but neither is it architecture, there's a lot of stuff just haphazardly thrown together no doubt with academic clap trap about how the 'wonderful' piece of work came about. There's no doubt a load of electronic junk screwed together in the effort to look a bit excentric. It's all very tired and the Bartlett have been churning this stuff out for years and have no place other to go. Architecture is more than suspending a bit of junk in mid air with some wire, its about constructing buildings that take time to be fully thought out not a five minute quick fire lets see what we can hash together today in the cause of 'creativity' and think that we are the only ones that can do it as we see here. As far as RIBA is concerned they are a joke themselves these days, they've let architecture deteriate to what we see above. Oh and Zecks, I'm guessing your in some way linked to the Bartlett seeing as you think the sun shines out off their rear while you are so often negative about everything else on here?

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  • The Bartlett School of Architecture has historically very often been criticised of its imaginative approach to architecture.
    From my experience in this school during the past two years, i believe that students and stuff see criticism as an essential method for the evolution of creativity and innovative thinking and thus take it very seriously.

    I have learnt that "criticism" can lead to the production of knowledge when it is very specific and open to thoughtful discussion, rather than when it is being purely emotional and generic. The way I understand "criticism" in its most dynamic form, is when it is questioning itself.

    The variety and depth of analysis on historical, social, political, religious, technical, economical and philosophical questions of the students projects, is articulated in their "portfolios" and "technical reports", where the so called "reality" is the driving force and presupposition for the breeding of their imaginative thoughts and creations.

    The show, is exactly a "show", where in most cases, the students present more of a minimum of their creations and research and less of a process. But, I believe that this is exactly the point of a show: To walk through a space where creativity and passion for innovative thinking prevail. If this is crudely called "art", then it is a compliment.

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  • Gbob Romulus

    As stewie already noted, the Baetlett has been churning this Tired Istallation art "SHOW" stuff for years...yes a technical report does accompany the students progress through the year but that doeas not qualify what is put on show as their endevour to think architecture. We have by now all heard the old excuse that they must be "IMAGINATIVE"....or Uber CrREATIVE"....meaning what...? making stuff feel and look like they might be what we'll be building, 20-30 years down the road. Well guess what Peter cook and the visionary Archigram were saying that last Century..and we still havent seen a plug in city over 40 yeras later. I think these poor student have a rude awakening when they sit their backsides down on the first day of work in a architects office and are asked to... well just clean drawings up....and maybe go on site and actually measure a building. There is another old nonesesical argument that... well that is exactly why these student should be given this period in their carrers to do every thing but what will be asked of them in the work place. its like saying we will train astronauts by putting them through tasks which will bear little or negligable relevance to what they will experience in outter space. hmmmmm that makes sense...!!!

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