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Architecture student shows 2012: The Architectural Association

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A taster selection of what to expect at the AA Projects Review 2012

Hundreds of drawings, models, installations and videos will be on display in the warren of galleries within the AA’s Georgian buildings. Alongside will be 1:1 working prototypes, interactive media and performances, all of which provide a snapshot of the latest thinking, experimentation and invention underway at the AA.

Brett Steele, Director, AA School said: ‘At the AA architecture is pursued as a form of cultural knowledge, learning and enquiry. Year-long design projects and portfolios are the focus of each and every student, design unit and creative programme. Truly great schools don’t just nurture and support architectural talent: they build audiences as well, out of which innovative ideas, visions and agendas emerge.

The Architectural Association

Doyeon Cho, Dip 14: Room in the Oxford Street Student Housing complex

The AA remains committed to not only understanding the complexities of the world today, but imagining specific nuanced alternatives to architecture as it is already understood. It is more urgent than ever to insist upon architectural schools as pedagogical spaces where students develop as intelligent committed and critical minds. The AA is such a space

Tutors: Patrik Schumacher; Team: Nassim Eshaghi (Iran), George Kontalonis (Greece), Jared Ramsdell (USA), Rana Zureikat (Jordan)


Readers' comments (13)

  • zecks_marquise

    IMHO this year's show was quite poor and it's not like the students are short of talent. The blame should be left solely at the door of the tutors for their banal briefs

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  • Last year's was awful. Should I bother going to see this year's?

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  • The AA has been hijacked by the DRL. This is part of the problem.

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  • zecks_marquise

    DRL is the best course, the trouble is that rest of their postgrad needs stronger leadership.

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  • Beavis

    Quite like this Oxford Street prison cell

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  • I really don't know why the BDonline publish some of the worst projects of AA this year. These images doesn't do justice to the hard-working, talented students at all. It is actually an Insult. There are so many more interesting projects than these you have published. Where did you get the image sources from? Have you even been to the degree show and try to select what is good or bad or worth publishing?
    An architectural publisher's job is to promote and positively encourage design talents right? I don't see why you always focus on the bad things about AA, which is really really rude for all the naive student there. I feel really sad about the media.

    Here are some more better examples to publish than you have selected:

    Inter 6 is focusing on technically solutions to construction, such as,

    Inter 3 have a student doing a botanical/scientific experiment,

    Inter 9 is focuising on laser cutting experimentation,

    Dip 6 overall has a very interesting brief:

    There are far more talented and interesting projects you can publish than these, unless you want to deliberately negatively dramatise AA every and each year, which you did.

    On behalf of all hard-working and innocent students. It's not a easy journey for everyone to come here. I feel really sad.

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  • We invited the AA to send us images that represented this year's show - these are the images that were sent to us, not images we purposely selected. The same applies for all of the student show galleries we are running on Bdonline this year.

    Anna Winston,
    Online editor

  • In terms of the first photograph you published here:

    There are, for example, far better pictures of the same project, i.e., the big shed out there:


    Who selected such as poor, poor draft photograph here? That's funny, do you even have any photographic experience at all?

    I am very angry about BDonline's bias towards AA's hard-working and innocent students.

    You are so rude.

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  • And oh, the DRL is not at ALL the best part of the AA, there are far more interesting ones throughout. It is unfair to every student, if you boldly state that. SInce you didn't even bother looking into us at the degree show(where you could find many hidden jewels that has not have published anywhere else - aka very young and fresh talents), you shouldn't talk about or judge about our ability at all, by all means.

    Despite the Financial Debacle last year found out that AA is the victim of some financial fraud (which is prevalent in the uk, and in general an insult to the hospitality of all students), many of the students at AA are actually very motivated about their dreams of their project this year(2011/12). They are so passionate and hard-working and deserve better publication as such.

    What is the difference between dream and reality? It is that when one has a dream since childhood, but the society constantly put them down. With 'evils' all around you, all you is to survive.

    AA is not a posh school, but a fiercely independent humble place (made humble by all their difficult times and all the media negation). Not every student is talented, and not every tutor is great, but should we put some respect to their works by publishing some of the worthy contents each year?

    Thank you...

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  • OK, if you want to split hairs:

    last year at BDonline, they published very few examples of AA's students' work:

    Guess what, one of AA student actually won the 2011 RIBA bronze medal, which does't appear at all on BDOnline's degree show report. This is a student called BAsmah:

    And this year, there is a very interesting award winner by Yi Yvonne Weng, that won the Foster award:

    Therefore BDonline has been deliberately neglect the best side of the AA, (in terms of what? jealousy? come on.)

    So I wouldn't trust BDonline anymore. lol...

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  • We published the images provided by the school last year and have done the same this year. This is stated clearly at the bottom of the article. We are more than happy to add further images if they are sent to us by the course tutors or representatives.

    Anna Winston,
    Online editor

  • So it is Proved that information published here doesn't represent the True quality of all AA student's good work, so if you want to comment, you need to do some further research.

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