Wednesday23 August 2017

Architecture student shows 2012: Central St Martins

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This years show considers the position that architecture is about people and the built environment is a consequence of a complex networks and processes

BA (Honours) Architecture: Spaces and Objects (BA:ASO) starts from the position that architecture is about people – the way we conceive of,  inhabit, consume and derive meaning through space.

In Stage 3, the explorations from previous years are now consolidated and enhanced with a critical perspective based on research, analysis and experimentation. Through the integration of spatial, theoretical and technical investigations, the aim of the final Degree year is to promote the development of conceptual, contextual and methodological approaches to construct the students’ individual position as strategic designers, projected towards an active engagement with the real world.

The design briefs for Stage 3 emphasise an understanding of the built environment as a consequence of a complex superposition of multiple systems, networks and processes. This year saw the investigation of different perspectives on these interactions; through interventions located at Kings Cross area. Central Saint Martins’ recent move to a new campus at Kings Cross, and as the first occupants of the largest redevelopment site in London, offers many present and future possibilities to be explored; both in terms of our immediate space and time, as well as the planned (and perhaps un-planned) evolution of the area in the future.

Throughout the year, students have been asked to project forward to consider the future of Kings Cross post-redevelopment. Initially, the year 2020 was used as the frame for research and exploration of the Fish and Coal Building; a heritage structure that currently remains ambiguous within the redevelopment site. Inspired by the idea of the ‘Social Condenser ’, the aim was to combine different uses and users to promote a wide range of cultural, programmatic and economic interactions.

The main project of the year, included in the exhibition, is self-initiated. Students were given a choice of 8 potential sites at the edges of the Kings Cross redevelopment area and were free to define their own agendas, conceptual and strategic triggers, based on their definition of a hypothetical scenario situated in 2050. The outcome is a rich mix of different concerns and strategies developed in and through spatial and programmatic explorations.

More than the end, this is perhaps the beginning of a new journey into an exciting future.


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