Tuesday22 July 2014

Architecture student shows 2011: The Bartlett

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Highlights are many amongst the varied production of drawings, models, installations at this year’s show

Proposals are diverse and include projects such as Aaron Ho’s ‘In-between House in Havana responding to the Cuban government’s restriction on the buying and selling of houses and Wendy Boon Ting Teo’s proposal for Taipei Main Train Station, which will generate power from redundant heat and air exhausted from the underground transport system.

Featured images:

Aaron Ho: In-between House, Havana. Responding to the Cuban government’s restriction on the buying and selling of houses, the proposal provides an agency for the swapping of properties and includes configurable temporary living units for ’swappers’ in transit between accomodations.

Tess Martin: The New US Embassy in Havana. In the future world of post-embargo Havana, the US and Cuba are allies. While the new Embassy presents itself as a gift to the city and a gesture of friendship, the history of conflict casts an inescapable shadow on the newly reinstated relationship - the Embassy is prepared for an attack. The project explores the tension between the need for security and a US message of transparency and diplomacy. The Embassy holds a comprehensive catalogue of security devices - subtle takes on traditional defence mechanisms; from the moat and drawbridge, to escape pods and water cannons, which take advantage of its position on the Bay of Havana.

Jonathan Gales: Megalomania
The film project Fanciful Megalomania is described by its author Jonathan Gales, as some “Fanciful drawings of construction sites”. Gales is researching on the mixed use of film, animation, music and photography and says “the film is focused around the city and his fanciful speculations of it”, and this statement just makes us think on the current visions that artist and architects have on the term “city”.

Fernanda Fiuza: Independent Town Hall, Old Ottoman Prison, Jaffa. Jaffa used to be the economic capital of Palestine until the establishment of the State of Israel in 1947. Since then the city has lost its autonomy and has become a dilapidated neighborhood of Tel Aviv. The project considers the continuous erasure of the identity of Jaffa, as the Palestinian Arabs have been pushed out. Strategically sited on the boundary of the Jaffa hill, it aims to support new political projects for the local population.

Sarah Bromley: Theatrical Pleasure Ground
Located on the old site of the great Byzantium Cemetery in Istanbul. A series of models exploring the physical and non physical create a time-based landscape. The landscape comprises of theatrical machines that are split into three time-based categories: Automatic, Reactive and Interactive. Each of the categories relates back to one of the three 18th Century travel writers that instigated my years work: Gerard de Nerval, Mark Twain and Edmondo de Amicis.

Alicia Bourla: Floating Library Istanbul
A floating library for women and children, the Library celebrates the need of women for social encounter outside of the household.

Ronald Cheape: The Three Glens Dam Project. Scotland. Following on from the growth in the renewable energy sector in the NW of Scotland, the project proposes an inhabited multiple arch structure hydroelectric dam and a working holiday resort that inhabits the dam wall.

Daniel Lauand: Battlefield at the Ministry of Cooperation - Architecture, power politics, and battle tactics converge on a highly charged site in central Marseilles.

Wendy Boon Ting Teo: Taipei Main Train Station.
The proposal generates power through transforming redundant heat and air exhausted from the underground transport system. Algae and hot water flow through the building skin expressing fluctuations in energy production. The scheme acts as a city gateway recalling the ephemeral qualities of Chinese landscape paintings.

Richard Beckett: The new Life Science Department, Taipei University.
The urban fabric of the northern Neihu District of Taipei is redesigned according to the biotic and climatic conditions of the site. By utilising the natural variations in soil fertility and porosity it establishes a geomantic approach that maximises the productive potential of the urban surface.


Readers' comments (4)

  • flow

    That 'Megalomania' project looks good. Textbook Bartlett, obvious cover shot for the brochure, taking well-researched inspiration from previous years winners at presidentsmedals.com, incredible image, but with a refreshing honesty in the author's approach.
    The admission that it is just "some fanciful drawings" is a mature realisation, amongst the usual self-absorbed silliness. Like the Emperor parading naked down the street, it is something everyone has known, but has rarely been acknowledged. A realisation for which the Bartlett should be applauded - hopefully this new honesty will foster greater levels of respect between education and 'real life' practice, something that many are now calling for.
    Great image and obviously a very talented chap - looks like he has his sights set on the job at Channel 4, producing those amazing film sequences with pieces of construction sites coming together to create the Channel 4 logo. Good luck to him and all the other graduates.

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  • The bartlett show isnt even hanging yet?

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  • Simon  Quinlank

    "A floating library for women and children, the Library celebrates the need of women for social encounter outside of the household. " Not just any old library, but a floating one. And for women and children only.

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  • Mike Duriez

    Simon Quinlank is right to highlight the unusual orientation of Bartlett Briefs. But the joy of a women-and-children-only-floating-library is that if it sinks, there is no need to be sexist in letting women and children into the lifeboars first. One step better than the Titanic, even though I could not spot the lifeboats in the photo.

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