Thursday03 September 2015

Architecture student shows 2011: The AA School

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’Welcome to the Future of Architecture’

Here we have summarised in brief round-up, all of the key themes for each diploma unit:

Diploma 3: Completing Beauvais Cathedral-The brief for this year was to complete this fragmented cathedral in a contemporary and secular way and to reinvent its immediate urban context

Diploma 4:The Coast of Europe: Polity and Space- investigated the complex and shifting relations between the reshaping of international, supra-national, sub-state, non-governmental, individual and local polities and the changing material structures and forms of the inhabited territories of the European peninsula.

Diploma 5:Third Natures- investigated whether the infinite variety of forms of life, cultural codes and material worlds associated with subcultures can potentially be a model for an architecture based on the cultural capital and identity that reflects, criticises and proposes an alternative to existing spatial models.

Diploma 6: The Unknown Fields Division- this year Diploma 6 continued to investigate new relations between the territories of science, nature and fiction.

Diploma 7: Fault Line Vernacular- initiated investigations into ways to embed the required engineering principles into the broader role of building within the social structure of communities in earthquake ravaged urban environment and communities.

Diploma 8: Corporate Domains- investigations have been made into scale-independent systems of reductive elements within the context of corporate domains.

Diploma 9: Kontextkammers- contexts this year are built in much in the same way that the wunderkammers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were formed. They collected objects, characters, histories and artefacts, inserting them within our rooms to form individual architectural microcosms.

Diploma 10: Direct Urbanism: Engagement or Control?- harnessing the potential for change brought about by the Crossrail initiative, Diploma 10 has proposed diverse, speculative and complementary urban interventions anchored on the future stations of Paddington, Whitechapel, Canary Wharf, Stratford and Abbey Wood.

Diploma 11: City Stripped Bare- the initial objective was to read the city as a catalogue of incomplete objects excluded from urban gentrification, and to speculate on urban architecture that identifies moments of disjunction within the stages of infrastructural transitions.

Diploma 13: The Principles of New Ornament- in its mission to turn architects into competent ornamentalists Diploma 13 focused this year on the convergence of art, ornament and architecture.

Diploma 14:Volker Bradke: Architecture Between the Generic and the Common- the principal objective of Diploma 14 is to understand the relationship between architectural form, political theory and urban history.

Diploma 16: Composite RE-Formulation- acts as antagonists of monotony and pursues the formation of a multi-dimensional architectural space and aesthetic based on composite conditions.

Diploma 17: Latent Territories- investigating the contemporary city while seeking potential synergies between infrastructure and architecture

Diploma 18: Energy Attack Unit- embraces the realities of an era referred to by American economist Jeremy Rifkin as the ’Third Industrial Revolution’, an era defined by new forms of transportation, construction and energy.

Diploma 19: Big Shed- follows the agenda of Design & Make - the new AA Masters course based at Hooke Park. By working collaboratively on a real and to be constructed project the unit and the programme develop individual theses that are derived from a passionate integration of making within design.


Readers' comments (17)

  • SomeoneStoleMyNick

    The AA show this year was awful. Who knows what the reason is but I was shocked to see how much the AA has slipped this year. With only one or two exceptions, all the across the school there now seems to be a lack of focus and committment.

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  • Fenster Grau

    I see a Harry Potter film set influence in the selected images. I hope a new Gothic Revival is not spreading out from London.

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  • Munter Roe

    ’Welcome to the Future of Architecture’ eh? Hope not. What a load of old tosh.

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  • Why is the AA recycling 90s Bartlett in 2011?

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  • In regards to the works shown here, the AA a renowned institute and a celebrate school of architecture just has not delivered what one could consider architecture. as a graduating part 2 student you are always aware of the school to have a few gems that pull it out the bag, however i would comment on my school of architecture De Montfort university who i think stand out as candidates to hold a top 3-5 mark when considering the work produced this year. As a school we have show creativity, technical abilities, environmental considerations and a range of skills through sketches, drawings and model-making.

    Yet considering that De Montfort had some outstanding work, i would be surprised if I didn’t see any of the students actually making it into the president medals. Yet for some reason the AA always has the reserved spaces!!!!

    Where’s the Justice!

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  • I take it from the above images and absence of triangular white card models that that AA's laser cutter must have been on the blink this year?

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  • Mike Duriez

    Not as good as you would expect. Even the graphics.

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  • Dissapointing and low level work was on show at the AA

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  • bitter pill

    what is the third image in this set? looks like a pile of crap!
    surely the ARB should be stepping in to moderate this kind of work? pretty arrogant to claim this is the future of architecture - the whole world or just bedford square perhaps?

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  • flow

    Does anyone remember a few years ago when the RIBA / ARB did try and threaten to withdraw the AA's validation, because of the awful work, but then the threats suddenly and 'mysteriously' disappeared?

    Sadly in many ways the AA quite boldly represents the old notion that "it's not what you know but who you know" (and how much money you have).

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