Sunday20 August 2017

Architecture student shows 2011: Leicester School of Architecture

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The 2011 Graduate School Degree Show at the Leicester School of Architecture features the final-year projects of over 50 architecture students.

The work on show includes a wide range of projects to spur the imagination with some of the more unusual work including an algae-harvesting centre in Venice and a disappearing theatre in Florence. These are juxtaposed with the all together more sedate, retreat for writers on the Irish coast and a proposal for rebuilding Brighton Pier.

A number of these students have been nominated for local and national awards, from the Leicestershire and Rutland Society of Architects to the MAKE Architecture Prize.


Readers' comments (6)

  • The MAKE Architecture Prize? In my day, it was just called a third.

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  • Mr Kent, any award can do wonders for a graduates confidence when heading into the working world, especially in times like these. As a student of the school, I would recommend coming along to our show before forming any preconceptions.

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  • David - my comment was intended as a light-hearted dig at the quality of MAKE's architecture, not to cast aspersions in any way about the quality of your school's work.

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  • bitter pill

    this is exactly the kind of pie in the sky work that is at the heart of the problem with the profession. too many individualists, all pretending to be the next zaha hadid. universities need to wake up and smell the coffee - there are too many architecture graduates, lacking the knowledge and skills to be of any use to the profession.

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  • Mr,Architectural Assistant, I am an architect in the East Midlands, and I have visited most student shows around the Midlands. I feel that if you actually went to the Leicester school of architecture show and took time to explore some of the documents that the students have put together, that you will find some great structural detailing and environmental explorations. Some more than others admittedly, but from what I saw, these students have more than the required knowledge to take them forward into the architectural profession. If students cannot express themselves and enjoy architecture during their education, when can they? I wish I did more when I was a student.

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  • Pie in the sky work!!!! Heart of the problem with the profession!!

    well whomever made these comment, im sorry but you're wrong....the final 50 odd students have all followed a rigid program, through their own creative skills, and how could it be considered pie in the sky work, when the curriculum covers all major aspects of the profession? Because you see a little creative flair and colour does not make them the next Zaha Hadid. Yes we're individuals and that’s what the profession needs, if that wasn’t the case then we all would be learning how to make grey cardboard boxes. I think you're forgetting this profession is not a production line, and needs people to stand out. We smelled the coffee a long time ago, and that’s what has allowed our school to excel in our studies.

    By far the best show the university has produced in the time i have been here, and by far the one in which, in my opinion, had everything to offer architecturally compared to all the shows throughout the country!!!

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