Sunday20 August 2017

Lina Bo Bardi: Together

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The British Council is the first to host this travelling tribute to Bo Bardi as part of the London Design Festival, with a temporary space designed by Assemble

Lina Bo Bardi: Together is the inaugural exhibition of the British Council’s new public gallery space. Rather than presenting a retrospective portfolio of her work to celebrate her ‘under-acknowledged legacy’, the council’s installation aims to re-enact the experience and energy of a Bo Bardi building in its urban context.

Curated by Noemi Blager, ‘Together’ includes films of Sao Paulo and SESC by Tapio Snellman, alongside a collection of artefacts, both traditional Brazilian crafts and the work of the artist Madelon Vriesendorp. These are all housed in a corrugated installation by Assemble that weaves through the undercroft of the British Council Gallery.

The free exhibition runs from today until November 30th, from 10am to 6pm, and until 9pm on the 13th and 20th of September.




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