Monday21 August 2017

Has Louis Vuitton taken us one step closer to carbon fibre shell architecture?

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Architect Marc Fornes and engineers AKTII collaborate on latest LV installation at Selfridges for the Yayoi Kusama collection

The new Louis Vuitton pavilion consists of five intersecting carbon fibre pods which form a perforated canopy. The two at the front are cropped tomake an entrance and exit.

The suface of each pod is corrugated to form folds that help to stiffen the structure, which is made up of 2mm thick carbon fibre panels that are connected along the valleys of the corrugation using folded carbon fibre angles. The same connections are used at the intersections between the pods to create a single vaulted form of almost 20m.

The hole pattern that was used for the perforations was drawn by artist Yayoi Kusama, who has collaborated with Louis Vuitton on a clothing and accessories range.

AKTII describes the project as the “first full carbon fibre shell application of this scale in architecture”.


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