Friday25 July 2014

Style is de rigueur

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A look back to when BD featured two “gourmet” books on interior design in 1989.

US Consulate, Paris, 1983

US Consulate, Paris, 1983

Date March 1983
Designer Poetic License
Location US Consulate, Paris

In the week that we review Lois Weinthal’s anthology of interior design theory, we look back to when BD featured two “gourmet” books on interior design in 1989.

Pictured here is the trompe l’oeil entrance foyer of the US Consulate in Paris designed by Poetic License, an international team of architects, artist, sculptors, poets and construction workers. It was featured in French Style by Suzanne Slesin.

According to BD’s review, the book comprised “photographs with that insinuating glaze that makes hard commerce or soft pornography equally acceptable […] where through a generous keyhole we are privileged to view how the other half lives in surroundings of taste, order, cleanliness and discreet wealth.”

It also came complete with a “dossier” of recommended retailers so you could get the French look for yourself - though apparently the US Marine was not included.


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