Thursday31 July 2014

It’s not about the money

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In the week that we feature Wilkinson Eyre’s Singapore Gardens by the Bay, we look back to when the architects appeared in BD in 1998 - looking like they had walked off the set of Miami Vice.

Date October 1998
Architect Wilkinson Eyre
Subject Architects’ fees

Jim Eyre’s (left) and Chris Wikinson’s stern appearance was to mark the occasion of BD’s investigation into architects’ fees, as the magazine asked a selection of practitioners if they thought they were being paid a fair rate for the work they do.

“In the design world we are probably paid more than others,” said Wilkinson.

“We definitely earn more than artists and probably get more than most designers.”

Although he was at pains to point out they weren’t in it for the money: “Some practices make more profit than others but we don’t put profit as the main motive, we’re more interested in the quality of work. We work long hours because we want to get it right.”


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