Thursday17 August 2017

Who at the AA will take responsibility?

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The AA Council remains remarkably silent about how the school came to be £5.5 million out of pocket

Ellis Woodman

Ellis Woodman- Executive Editor

The story of how the AA found itself out of pocket to the tune of at least £5.5 million after a leasing scam is one of the more opaque tales to grace the pages of BD this year.

As a result of 14 agreements between 2009 and 2010, the school was lumbered with laptops, TVs and photocopiers for which it is paying stratospherically over the market rate. Notoriously, a single 65in television set has cost it £280,476.

One striking thing is the lack of communication from the AA Council — which ultimately signed the leases off. President Keith Priest and predecessor Alex Lifschutz have yet to make any statement explaining how the events came to pass, or the extent of liability.

The AA is far from alone as a victim. Following £600,000 losses, the board of governors of Glemsford Community Primary School was removed.

At the AA, it is ultimately the memb-ership that has the power to vote the council out if they so decide. With the future of the school potentially in the balance, it is time the members started demanding answers.


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