Saturday26 July 2014

Higher education: book reviews

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Some extra reading on university design

University Architecture

University Architecture
By Katy Lee
Design Media Publishing, 256pp, £28

Examining a diverse range of more than 40 international university and college building projects, this book aims to provide
the architect with a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of higher education design requirements.



University Planning and Architecture: The Search for Perfection
By Jonathan Coulson, Paul Roberts, Isabelle Taylor
Routledge, 263pp, £75

Architects, development practitioners and designers are working in a global environment, and issues such as environmental and cultural sustainability matter more than ever. This book provides a blueprint for developing architectural practices based on reciprocal working methods.


NHL University
By Herman Herbtzberger
010, 2011, 80pp, £27

Herman Hertzberger details the work of his studio Architectuurstudio HH at NHL University in the Netherlands; updating the university’s original infrastructure — designed in
1984 by Abe Bonnema — to meet the needs of a modern higher educational institution.



Today’s Educational Facilities
By Carles Broto
Links International, 300pp, £55

Featuring more than 100 buildings, landscapes and products nominated by an international roster of influential architects and designers, as well as critics, curators and writers, this book offers a definitive survey of sustainable design and architecture from around the world.


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