Bim adoption more than doubles

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But confusion over definition of bim still widespread

The number of construction professionals using bim (building information modelling) has jumped from 13% to 31%, according to the results of the NBS’s annual bim survey.

Of the 1,000 respondents to the national survey, almost 19 out of 20 expected to be using bim within the next five years; 80% of those who had already adopted bim agreed that it increases the coordination of construction documents; while 65% said it delivered cost efficiencies.

However, 21% were still unaware of bim and its potential benefits. Of those who hadn’t yet adopted bim into their workflow, two thirds cited expense as the main barrier and almost half said that they needed to get through the downturn before considering bim adoption.

And, although the majority agreed that bim was “the future of project information”, four out of five respondents said the industry was still not clear enough on what bim actually was.

Stephen Hamil, head of bim at RIBA enterprises, said that adoption would continue to gain momentum despite the confusion.

“The survey clearly shows that in the UK the question is no longer will bim be adopted, but how quickly,” said Hamil.

“The fact that three-quarters of those aware of bim predict they will be using it on projects by the end of the year shows the speed with which things are moving.”


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  • I am surprised the figure quoted is as high as 31%. Is that actually offices with some kind of BIM installation? Like ours with 3 BIM workstations out of around 60 CAD workstations?

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  • how does anyone not know what it is?

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  • Thanks for the write up Anna - much appreciated.

    A direct link to the report is below - it's a PDF that may be downloaded for free:

    In addition to the survey results, there a number of articles and comment pieces.

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  • I personally think this is a useful report because it is annual as it shows the variation from year to year. Whether the annual stats are an accurate reflection or not is another question. After all its a voluntary report, if you have an interest in BIM you're probably more likely to have filled it in than that strange breed of tech averse Architects.

    I think the other thing to bear in mind is that the perception that you're doing BIM is big business now. Big practices have few scruples about ignoring the difference between having done a pilot a few years ago using BIM across their offices.

    The unintended, or perhaps intended, consequence of this is that many small practices feel intimidated and unable to compete. This is as far from the truth as you can get.

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  • zecks_marquise

    Bonjour. I can speak french. Ni hao. I can speak chinese. I have no idea where they are on a map

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  • Regarding Roberts final statement, I concur. It takes years and lots of effort to implement BIM in a large practice. Smaller practices have an advantage in being more flexible and nimble in their ability to adapt to new technology.
    Cost is an issue, but tech is cheap compared to skilled resources and by not adopting you are wasting those resources. Start small, but start now...

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  • I'm none the wiser. There appears to be confusion here between use of 3D CAD and BIM - and the figures in the report are difficult to cross-compare. My reading of it is that the 3D element actually relates to 35% not 31%. I certainly use Sketchup - but that's not BIM in the commonly adopted terminology.

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  • SomeoneStoleMyNick

    BIM will do nothing to improve the generally low standard of architectural and urban design. Therefore it is useless.

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