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    Why we need foundational change in how we engage young people with the built environment


    Youth centres have been closed across the UK and fewer and fewer children are studying design for GCSE. Fiona MacDonald and Matt Springett make a rallying cry for change

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    The Pritzker Prize 2010 - all bets are off


    Yes it's that time of year again, the daffodils are finally out and among those who care the anticipation is building for the announcement of the next Pritzker Prize winner on Sunday. Who will win is really anyone's guess, so it's no surprise that William Hill hadn't been taking ...

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    Is architecture like sushi?


    New Junkie brings you a midweek bumper news round up, including the Japanese architect who says architecture is like sushi, the submitted designs for Architect's Michael Jackson memorial competition and the latest from New York's mayor on the Atlantic Yards project. And, on a more serious note, how loopholes in ...

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    Why Koolhaas thinks the global recession could be a "healthy thing"


    As the global recession has tightened its grip on the construction industry, many have been muttering about the end of iconic architecture. Now Rem Koolhaas has waded in with his own take. The Architectural Record looks at the impact of the 88,000 industry job cuts in the first quarer of ...

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    Playing architecture: BMW cars and Harvard architecture school


    The Globe looks at a RMJM funded project at Harvard where by students would be asked to design homes in suburbia using the same concepts and materials that BMW is experimenting with in its revolutionary "cloth car," which has an exterior made of flexible fabric ...

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    Moma's young architecture award goes to urban shelter


    This year's Moma's Young Architects Program competition has been won by Hilary Sample and Michael Meredith for their installation entitled Afterparty - an temporary urban shelter and cooling station The New York Times sees the result as a reaction against architectural excesses and a response to the economic climate with ...