Tony Whitehead

  • London's concrete quarter
    Building Study

    London's concrete quarter


    The transformation of King’s Cross includes some of the UK’s most sustainable office buildings - and concrete is key to all of them

  • St Paul's School, London by Nicholas Hare

    St Paul's School, London by Nicholas Hare


    Architectural standards were slipping at the 500-year-old St Paul’s School in London, but the elegant exposed interiors and concrete colonnades of Nicholas Hare’s new science building augur well for the future

  • Foster & Partners' Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan

    Queen Alia Airport, Jordan by Foster + Partners


    Foster + Partners’ new airport in Jordan uses a mix of in-situ and precast concrete techniques to create a mesmerising, repeating pattern of shallow domes, curving beams and gently tapering columns

  • Kisho Kurokawa's Maggie Centre
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    Kisho Kurokawa's Maggie's Centre


    Before he died in 2007, the legendary Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa sketched out a swirling, ‘dragon-tailed’ cancer care centre in Swansea. Now the UK’s 13th Maggie’s Centre has been completed in titanium-studded concrete by Garbers & James

  • The exterior is set inset with hundreds of triangular titanium plates
    Building Study

    Solving the panel puzzle


    The Maggie’s Centre certainly provided a stern test of the capabilities of precast concrete supplier Thorp Precast. The job involved creating 56 precast panels, and although many of these were similar, very few were identical

  • Other architects have made extensive use of concrete in their Maggie's designs, including Roger Stirk Harbour + Partners, Rem Koolhaas and Snohetta
    Building Study

    The ‘cosmic whirlpool’ and other Maggie’s Centres


    When writer and garden designer Maggie Keswick Jencks was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993, together with her husband, the architectural writer Charles Jencks, she set about her creating a charity project to provide cancer sufferers with expert support within a more sympathetic built environment