What if the glass used in building design were totally transparent?

The Invisible Glass

What if the glass used in building design were totally transparent? Guardian Glass is launching The Invisible Glass campaign, highlighting the numerous possibilities that are now open to architects using Guardian Clarity™ anti-reflective glass in exterior building applications. 

While the use of anti-reflective glass for interior design and glass displays may be becoming ever more common, Guardian Glass wants to highlight that it is now possible to effectively use anti-reflective glass for building and façade applications too. When glass continues to be a physical barrier, but is no longer an optical one, imagine the world of design opportunities this would open up for architects. Reflections and glare can now be greatly minimised, creating invisible glazing for external facades and fenestration without spoiling an otherwise perfect view.  

Curious to see what’s possible? Check out guardian-possibilities.com for more information and a free sample of Guardian Glass’ anti-reflective glass.