• The Green Bottle Unit, a Hackney-based 100% recycled glass outfit has scaled up. It can now produce large sheets of recycled glass suitable for floors, walls, external cladding and tabletops (shown left).

    "We have just cracked this process and I believe we are the only glass recycling company in the world that can do this," says director Martin Goodrich.

    Green, blue and clear glass is used and sources include TV screens, test tubes and car side windows. Foster & Partners has specified three bespoke recycled glass sections for a house in Japan which used cathode ray tubes from old televisions. Prices start from £500 per sq m. See www.green-bottle.co.uk or tel: 020 7249 3394.

  • Weary of wading through different coloured swatches when determining a finish for a newly refurbished room?

    With the introduction of Muraselector, a CD-ROM-based sampling system developed by wallcoverings manufacturer Muraspec, architects can now make these decisions a lot faster.

    The Muraselector is available from www.muraspec.com or 08705 117118.

  • The smoking ban in Irish bars hasn't deterred Tornex, the manufacturer of air-purification systems, from designing TX15, a model specially designed for bar and restaurant installations.

    The air-purification unit uses an electrostatic filtration system that sucks unwanted tobacco smoke into the device, purifies it, and then expels the clean air back into the room.

    The unit can be installed so that it is flush with the ceiling and appears as a grill. The TX15 is to be launched at this year's Spectrum Exhibition, which runs from May 18-21. Details: www.spectrumexhibition.co.uk