You’ll notice we’ve launched a sparkling new Bdonline - part of BD’s ongoing commitment and investment in digital. Please let us know what you think!

The new site puts greater emphasis on the visual framework and usability of the site while the new layout gives us the flexibility to showcase a wider range of exciting and engaging content; look out for more picture stories, slideshows, videos and multimedia content.

You’ll notice a cleaner layout and a font that is easier to read. The new homepage acts as a clearer window into the site and a simplified navigation gives a logical structure to the wealth of content. An improved search function also provides a quick and easy route into our extensive online directories and archives.

We have also added the functionality to create your own Bdonline profile; we are excited about fostering our community and giving readers’ comments more prominence. You will be able to add your personal details and upload a picture; your profile details will be seen by other site users when they view comments or forum posts added by you. You will also be able to collate a library of articles, discussions and blogs you would live to save and come back to later.

Please use the new feedback form or comment and let us know what you think, what you like and don’t like about the new site, so you can inform our ongoing conversation as the site continues to develop and publish more dynamic digital content.