Ruth Brennan also stands down after calling RIBA president ‘a prat’

Two members of the Arb board have resigned after private emails emerged that included attacks on RIBA president Angela Brady.

George Oldham, who referred to the Stephen Lawrence Trust-backed candidates in the forthcoming Arb elections as “the ethnics”, and Ruth Brennan, who called Brady “a prat”, had their resignations accepted by the board on Friday.

Arb chair Beatrice Fraenkel said: “George Oldham and Ruth Brennan were right to resign. It is very important that there should be no doubt as to the principles by which Arb operates.”

The incident follows on from controversy caused by the RIBA’s decision to back four of the candidates: John Assael, Alan Cook, Roger Shrimplin and Susan Ware.

Brady herself also came out in support of Lisa Basu and Kirk Ray Morrison, who are also endorsed by the Stephen Lawrence Trust.

Voting for the Arb elections closes on March 1.