Airport wants to add second runway

Farrells has been appointed to look into plans to increase capacity at Gatwick Airport.

The airport in West Sussex wants to add a second runway and has begun a detailed study to look into the option.

But it cannot begin building until 2019 following a legal agreement it struck with local residents back in 1979.

Gatwick said three competing airports – Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted – of two runways each is the best option for providing extra runway capacity for London and the UK – rather than building a third runway at Heathrow or a proposed brand new airport in the Thames Estuary which a number of firms including Foster’s and Make have drawn up plans for.

Terry Farrell said: “The ‘constellation approach’ of keeping Heathrow open, whilst building an additional runway at Gatwick and then in time at Stansted transforms the debate away from the over-engineered and unnecessary idea of a mega hub at Heathrow or to the east of London.”

Farrells’ work will be part of the study Gatwick will submit to the Airport’s Commission set up by the government to look at London and the UK’s future airport needs and which will report by summer 2015.