Reform group claims success in changing Arb culture

Whilst we were pleased to see that you published the letter from the Reform Group in last week’s BD, we are concerned that a key phrase in the submitted letter heading the penultimate paragraph and reading; "In 2006, the election of the five Reform Group candidates to the Board changed its dynamic and began the process of reform.  This has resulted in better relationships within the Board and welcome moves towards consensus agreement.  However, the Group remains concerned that excessive retention fee increases" etc. was omitted.

We fully appreciate the need to make editorial judgements to meet space constraints, but unfortunately this seemingly small omission rather skews the sense of the letter.  It is not simply a case of being fair to the appointed members and executive who over the past two years have been prepared to listen to, and act upon, initiatives from the group which have sometimes reversed the previous direction of the Board, but also omits the point that the group has been successful in challenging the Board and effecting change.  In these circumstances, we feel that it is very important that the electorate should recognise that a vote for continuity represents a vote for further progress.

- Mark Benzie, Ruth Brennan, Colin Brock, Andrew Mortimer, George Oldham, Derek Salter, Bernard Wyld

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