The drive for continual improvement in the performance and appearance of Schueco’s systems remains a development priority. One newly launched façade system shows some significant recent advances.

The continuing drive by Schueco to combine the slimmest possible face-widths with the highest possible thermal performance is clearly demonstrated in the company’s new FWS 35 PD panorama design façade system.

Reducing the face-width to a uniquely slim 35 mm has been made possible by the development of an innovative new installation system for the glass and pressure plate. This in turn has allowed the SI version of the façade to be officially certified by the Passive House Institute with a Ucw value of 0.79 W/m2K.

This is a level of performance which, in conjunction with such minimal framing, would once have been considered unachievable. Visually very attractive with sharp-edge profile radii, the Schueco FWS 35 PD façade system is ideally suited for low-rise, high-end residential and commercial projects.

In addition, a choice of two levels of insulation – HI (highly insulated) or SI (super-insulated) – enables the façade to deliver performance flexibility that can be tailored closely to individual specification requirements. 

Importantly, Schueco AWS windows, including those with TipTronic automated operation, can be easily integrated into the façade for ventilation where necessary. As an alternative, Schueco AWS 114 SG.SI slimline outward-opening top-hung or parallel-opening windows are also simple to insert.

The Schueco FWS 35 PD façade system can accommodate double and triple glazed units from 22 mm to 50 mm thick with weights up to 250 kg per transom. To add further design versatility, a heavy duty version that can carry up to 440 kg is also available.

A total of three drainage levels provide an easy solution for all types of transom and, because it plays such a crucial role in the durability of ultra-slim systems, particular thought has been given to the question of ventilation.

In fact, the Schueco FWS 35 PD façade uses the proven ventilation technology found in the basic FWS 50+ systems, but supplements this with additional intelligent components. Its effectiveness in use has been verified under the most stringent conditions.

To complete the product’s comprehensive performance characteristics, a burglar resistance class to EN 1627 RC 2 can be achieved.

Yet the improvements offered by the façade are not simply architectural, important though these are. Schueco thinks holistically in terms of its window, door and façade offering so the fabrication and installation of any system is always closely considered, as are technical improvements that could streamline production.

One new feature of the Schueco FWS 35 PD façade is a prepared pressure plate which includes pre-loaded gaskets and reflecting foil to reduce preparation work. Another is a gasket system based on 9 mm, 11 mm and 13 mm heights inside and 5 mm outside, that is now uniform right across the Schueco FWS system platform: this allows the FWS 35 PD façade to be combined easily with other products.

Elsewhere, new glazing rebate reduction profiles and ventilated spandrel plates with simple, clip-on technology ensure a perfect seal; the result is fabrication that is fast, clean and reliable time after time.

Finally, a new method of attaching the façade to the building structure ensures reliable ventilation and drainage around the areas of attachment. This has the additional benefit of making installation more efficient at both ground- and first-floor levels.

All in all, the Schueco FWS 35 PD panorama design façade offers eloquent testimony to the role that advanced technology can play in producing buildings that fully answer the challenges of design, comfort, security and sustainability in the 21st Century.

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