Ellie Duffy

  • Eerie: still from Nicola Koller’s Driving With the Jones, which explores urban sprawl.

    Fear and loathing on the streets of London


    RCA graduates and tutors tackle compelling but elusive concepts of the human condition imaginatively and with humour.

  • M2R at work, from left to right, Axel Rostock, his brother Jörg and Moritz May.

    A jump towards the big time


    M2R opened this year’s Winter Nights lecture series with an assured performance.

  • Review

    Got a new motor?


    Rob Voerman’s Annex#4 is half car, half cabin and typical of the Dutch artist’s preoccupation with social order.

  • Review

    Chilled-out entertainers


    An exhibition on the workplace reminds Ellie Duffy of a certain D Brent

  • Review

    Continental comparisons


    Alessandra Cianchetta of Paris practice AWP gave this year’s first Architecture Foundation Summer Nights talk.

  • Review

    Shacks in bleak landscapes


    With just two days to go before the artworks for Alex Hartley’s latest exhibition need to be sent off for framing, the artist is holed up in his studio, a workshop-like space on a hidden and unexpectedly rural lane in residential north London.

  • David Adjaye has created a walk-through pavilion from construction "by-products" that gives a taste of the architecture to come.

    The next dimension


    Adjaye’s Shoreditch installation scores as both art and architectural preview

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    The double life of Dan


    Dan Brady combines working for his part III with being one of Charles Saatchi's young protégés, creating artworks inspired by Kafka and Le Corbusier.